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Carrie L. Lukas

Managing Director

Carrie L. Lukas is the managing director of the Independent Women's Forum. Lukas is the co-author of Liberty Is No War on Women, and the author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex, and Feminism, which was published by Regnery Publishing in May 2006. She is also a contributor to Forbes.com and the vice president for policy and economics at the Independent Women's Voice.

Lukas's commentaries have appeared in numerous newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, USA Today, and The New York Post.   Carrie has testified before the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Social Security. Before joining IWF, she worked on Capitol Hill as the senior domestic policy analyst for the House Republican Policy Committee. She is a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.  She currently lives with her husband and four children in Berlin, Germany. 

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Government Should Help Parents, Not Daycare Providers

March 9 2015

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February 10 2015

Parents Want Help, Not Day Care

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Salted with Skepticism

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Enough With The Alarmist Welfare State, Women Believe In Personal Responsibility

June 17 2013

This Is Feminists’ Idea of a Celebration?

June 11 2013

Not-So-Swift Attack on Swiffer

June 6 2013

It's Time for the U.S. to Deal with Cyber-Espionage

June 4 2013

Policy Focus: The Gainful Employment Rule

September 25 2014

Policy Focus: The FAMILY Act

January 12 2014

Policy Focus: The Real Debt Crisis

October 18 2013

Policy Focus: Minimum Wage

August 14 2013

Dependency on Government

October 16 2012

Paycheck Fairness Act

June 11 2012

Policy Focus: Government Over-Spending

January 24 2011

Policy Brief #27: FMLA Benefits for Part-Time Workers Would Hurt Those They Are Supposed to Help

January 6 2010

Policy Brief #26: New FMLA Regulations Provided Needed Clarity to Law

October 10 2009

Policy Brief #24: National Health Care in Canada: Lessons in Rationing

July 23 2009

Policy Brief #22: Keep Uncle Sam Away from Toddlers:The Case Against Government Funding for Preschool

June 11 2009

Policy Brief #19: Hawaii's Lesson in the Perils of Universal Health Insurance

March 23 2009

Policy Brief #18: Mandated Paid Sick Leave: The Wrong Medicine for Workers

March 18 2009

Policy Brief #15: Expanding SCHIP Doesn't Fix Real Problems in U.S. Healthcare System

January 26 2009

Policy Brief #14: Expanding the Family and Medical Leave Act and Other Government-mandated Leave Benefits: A Preview of the 111th Congress

January 22 2009

Position Paper No. 609: Excellence, Not Gender Parity, Should Be Priority for STEM Faculty

August 15 2008

IWF Policy Brief #13: Congress Should Commit to Restraining Spending

February 11 2008

Position Paper No. 606 Who Pays for My Time Off? The Costs and Consequences of Government-Mandated Leave

February 5 2008

IWF Policy Brief #8: SCHIP Debate Isn't About the Children: It's About Our Healthcare System's Future

November 19 2007

IWF Policy Brief #7: Chairman Charles Rangel's Plan to Penalize Marriage and Discourage Women from Working

October 26 2007

IWF Policy Brief #4: Eliminating the Wage Cap Won't Fix Social Security

October 6 2007

The Death Tax: Unfair, Inefficient, Bad for Women

November 9 2005

Sex (Ms.) Education

February 10 2005

Women's Economic Independence Report Card

October 22 2004

Taxing Independence: The Price of Feminists' Love Affair with High Taxes

August 24 2004

Recess from Reality: The Feminist Failure to Embrace School Choice

June 21 2004

Dependency Divas: How the Feminist Big Government Agenda Betrays Women

January 30 2004

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