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Charlotte Allen

Senior Fellow

Charlotte Allen is a native Californian who has been writing for more than three decades about cultural issues for a variety of publications. She currently blogs for the Los Angeles Times and writes frequently for the Weekly Standard and the Wall Street Journal. She is a senior fellow at the Independent Women's Forum.

Recent Articles:

Trump Education Department's Likely Changes in Campus Sexual-Assault Policy Causes Angst Among Activists
July 14 2017

Latest Target of Humorless Feminists The "Gender Reveal" Party
July 13 2017

Fanning the Flames of Liberal Paranoia About Libertarians
July 12 2017

Writer: Please Don't Go Into Debt to Pay for Your Wedding
July 10 2017

Women Journalists in High Dudgeon Over House Dress Code That Forbids Sleeveless Dresses
July 7 2017

What a Day! Trump in Poland Delivers Resounding Defense of the West
July 6 2017

CNN Threatens to ID the Guy Behind the Trump WWE Gif If He Offends CNN Again
July 5 2017

If You Have to Be a Man-Hating Feminist, At Least Be an Analytic Philosopher
July 3 2017

The "Die-In": Protesting Obamacare Repeal by Pretending to Be a Corpse
June 30 2017

How to Do a Political Protest Right
June 29 2017

Is Single-Motherhood Driving Women from the Labor Force?
June 27 2017

Liberal Professors Say Bizarre Things--and Then Blame the Conservative Media for Reporting on Them
June 26 2017

No Rejoicing From Media Feminists Over Karen Handel's Victory
June 23 2017

The Media Murder of Otto Warmbier
June 22 2017

Trump's Education Department Starts Dismantling the Obama Education Department's "Rape Culture" Policies
June 21 2017

Sisterhood Is Zilch: How Democratic Women Feel About Karen Handel
June 20 2017

Jury Awards $386,000 in Damages Against University for Ousting Fraternity That Didn't Want to Go Co-ed
June 19 2017

Heroine of Grenfell: Teenage Girl Takes Tough Exam Hours After London Fire Destroys Her Home
June 16 2017

Harvard's First Woman President Retires--and Lectures on Why We Need More Women College Presidents Begin
June 15 2017

What Happens When a Feminist Falls for the Wrong Guy
June 14 2017

Oxford University Decides to Let Female Students Take Home Their Exams
June 13 2017

College Professors Complain About Sponsors Pulling Out of Trump-Assassination 'Julius Caesar'
June 13 2017

It's No Longer Enough to be Gay to March in Gay Pride Parade
June 12 2017

Corporate Sponsors Pull out of "Julius Caesar" Production Depicting Trump Assassination
June 12 2017

Worse Than Being Wolf-Whistled At: Not Being Wolf-Whistled At
June 9 2017

Divided America: Those Who Could Take the Day Off to Watch the Comey Hearings and Those Who Couldn't
June 9 2017

Severed Heads: Liberals Lose Theirs All Around
June 2 2017

Emma "Columbia Mattress Girl" Sulkowicz Finally Becomes a Real Artist
May 26 2017

The Case of the Culturally Appropriative Burrito
May 25 2017

Middlebury 101: Assault Your Professors and Get a Slap on the Wrist
May 24 2017

A New Way to Nag Your Husband: the "Mental Load"
May 23 2017

Bullying Georgetown Professor Suffers No Sanctions
May 23 2017

CNN's Chris Cillizza: Please Stop Talking About Anthony Weiner!
May 22 2017

Hoax Article Claiming the Penis Is A Social Construct Gets Published in Scholarly Journal
May 22 2017

What's Worse--the RompHim--or the Humorless Feminist Commentary About the RompHim?
May 19 2017

New Campus Fad: Free Tampons in the Men's Room
May 18 2017

Scholar Exposes Racist Media Treatment of...Squirrels
May 17 2017

NYT Writer Admits That the "Gender Pay Gap" Reflects Many Women's Work-Life Choices
May 15 2017

"Social Justice Committed" Feminist Webzine on the Brink of Folding
May 11 2017

Tiffany Trump Goes to Georgetown Law School
May 10 2017

"Feminist Baby": Smashing the Patriarchy at Age 0
May 9 2017

Scholar Published in Feminist Journal Hypatia Slammed for Equating Rachel Dolezal and Caitlyn Jenner
May 8 2017

Emmanuel Macron's Older Wife--Why Is That Different From Donald Trump's Younger Wife?
May 5 2017

Old Cinco de Mayo Lecture: Don't Wear a Fake Mustache. New Cinco de Mayo Lecture: Don't Celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
May 4 2017

Stephen Colbert's Trump Rant Was a Firing Offense
May 3 2017

Wesleyan Feminist Demands That Male Students Shut Up During Classroom Discussions
May 2 2017

Bonus Link: Dozens of Asian Salad Recipes From the Food Network
April 28 2017

Harvard Grad and Prize-Winning Author Finds Something to Feel Oppressed About
April 28 2017

Violence-Threatening "Antifa" Activists Shut Down a Parade in Portland
April 27 2017

Campus Free Speech--NOT! Roundup
April 26 2017

Chelsea Clinton Airs That Letter to Reagan One More Time
April 25 2017

Academics Complain That Calling It "Mother Of All Bombs" Is Sexist
April 24 2017

Taking a Stand for Free Speech at UC-Berkeley
April 21 2017

The HuffPost Hoax Reveals What the Left Really Wants
April 20 2017

Tortured Spinning in Georgia
April 19 2017

Duke Grad Student Complains: Trump Stole Our Theory That "Truth" Is Socially Constructed
April 18 2017

"Interrupting" Female Supreme Court Justices: "Mansplaining" or Actually a Good Idea?
April 17 2017

First, Charles Murray Campus Protests, Now, Chick Fil-A Campus Protests
April 12 2017

The District of Columbia Now Makes Day-Care Workers Earn College Credentials
April 11 2017

High School Gets Rid of Mirrors in Girls' Restroom to Encourage "Body Positivity"
April 10 2017

NYT: Don't Make Fun of Taxpayer-Funded Yelling at Sheep
April 10 2017

Jewelry Store in Feminist Hot Water for Ad Making Pun Out of "Throwing Rocks at Girls"
April 7 2017

Harvard Professor Sets Up Campus "Resistance School" to Fight You-Know-Who
April 7 2017

That Kid Who Got Into Stanford by Writing #BlackLivesMatter a Hundred Times
April 6 2017

The "March for Science": Actually, It Seems to Be a March for Identity Politics
April 4 2017

The Trump Fright Train Roars Down the Tracks
April 3 2017

Mike Pence Becomes Object of Liberal Mockery Because He's Faithful to his Wife
March 31 2017

New Rule of Politically Correct Grammar: Never Call a Woman a "Female"
March 30 2017

UK Tabloid Takes Heat for Calling Attention to Women Politicians' Legs
March 29 2017

Prof Who Called Trump's Election an "Act of Terrorism" Voted Faculty Member of the Year
March 28 2017

Celebrities Scream Sexism Over Leggings Ban on United Flight
March 27 2017

WaPo Columnist Admits Senate Dems Didn't Lay a Glove on Gorsuch
March 24 2017

Aussie Columnist Wants to Make It Illegal to Be a Stay-at-Home Mother
March 23 2017

Egg on Face Contest: Which Dem Looked Dumbest Quizzing Gorsuch?
March 22 2017

New York Times Op-Ed Writer: If You Like Proust, You Hate Trump
March 21 2017

Girl Journalism: CNN Breathlessly Reports That Feminist Statue on Wall Street Doesn't Move
March 20 2017

Social Justice Warriors Battle Over St. Patrick's Day
March 17 2017

Liberal Professors Suddenly Discover What Liberalism Actually Means
March 16 2017

Is Rachel Maddow the New Geraldo Rivera?
March 15 2017

Guess Which Female Workers Will Be No-Shows on "A Day Without a Woman"?
March 7 2017

"I'd Win": What Hillary Would Do Differently If She Campaigned Again
March 6 2017

Women's Studies Prof Blames Women's Poor Math Performances on "Western Cultural" Constructs of Math Itself
March 3 2017

What If Neil Gorsuch Weren't a Constitutional "Originalist" But a Conservative Activist?
March 3 2017

Susan Sarandon: Don't Blame Me That Hillary Lost
March 2 2017

More Democrat Suicide: Purging Party Moderates
March 2 2017

Dem Demolition Derby at the SOTU
March 1 2017

Trump Supports Historically Black Colleges--But the Liberal-Media Snark Shower Continues
February 28 2017

Feminist Lashes Out at Guy Who Opens Door for Her
February 27 2017

Environmentally Conscious Pipeline Protesters Do Some Environmental Fouling of Their Own
February 23 2017

New York City Status Symbol: The Hillary Clinton Sighting
February 22 2017

Seething With Trump Hatred, the Fashion Industry Goes "Woke"
February 21 2017

The Democrats as Thelma and Louise
February 20 2017

Model Emily Ratajkowski Gets a Reprimand From Slate for Defending Melania Trump
February 17 2017

California District Cuts Meat and Cheese From Its School Menus to Fight Global Warming
February 16 2017

Vogue Magazine Celebrates "Diversity" But Gets in Trouble with the Social Justice Warriors Anyway
February 15 2017

Happy Valentine's Day, Anna Wintour!
February 14 2017

"Galentine's Day": Celebrate the Day before Valentine's With Brunch and Man-Hating
February 13 2017

Researchers Blame "Prestige Segregation" for "Underrepresentation" of Women in Science
February 10 2017

Fans of Elizabeth Warren Play the Sexist Card One More Time
February 9 2017

Obscure Knit-Shop Owner in Tennessee Likely the Only Woman in America to Notice That "Pussyhats" Are Kind of Vulgar
February 8 2017

Feminism Today: Hey, Let's Destroy Another Woman's Business
February 7 2017

Deflategate: Liberals Manage to Politicize Every Aspect of the Super Bowl
February 7 2017

The Clock Runs Out for "Clock Boy"
February 3 2017

No Real Problems with Supreme Court Nominee Gorsuch--So Let's Find a Fake One!
February 3 2017

Daycare Center Posts Sign Telling Parents at Pickup Time to "Get Off" Their Phones--and Parents Get Off Their Phones
February 2 2017

The Short and Hilarious Saga of the Uber Boycott
January 31 2017

Trans Women Complain That They Felt Excluded From the Women's March
January 30 2017

Media Mock Kellyanne Conway's "Revolutionary War" Inauguration Outfit
January 27 2017

Boy Who Says He Set Fire at Anti-Trump Riot Is Drew Carey's Son
January 27 2017

NYT Gets Feminist Flack Over Story About Dads Bumbilng at Home While Wives Marched in Washington
January 26 2017

Liberals Express Dismay at Mockery of 10-Year-Old Barron Trump
January 26 2017

Progressives Now Engage in Child Abuse
January 23 2017

George H.W. Bush: How to Treat a Political Foe With Class
January 19 2017

Elizabeth Warren Refuses to Shake Hands With Betsy DeVos
January 19 2017

Catfight: Should Protesters Wear Pink "Pussyhats" at the Women's March on Washington?
January 13 2017

Education Secretary Appointee Betsy DeVos in Trouble for Donating to...the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
January 12 2017

Obama and Clinton Staffers Weep and Gnash Teeth Over Now Being Out of Work
January 11 2017

Impeach Him! Intrepid Media Catch Trump Telling Monstrous Lie
January 10 2017

Dems Around the Bend: "Make America Sick Again"
January 9 2017

Talladega College's Band Will March in Trump's Inaugural Parade After All
January 6 2017

Old Feminist Trend: Breaking Down the Door to the Boys' Club; New Feminist Trend: Starting a Club With No Boys Allowed
January 5 2017

How to Sell "Men's Work" to Women
January 4 2017

New York Times Ventures Into the Hinterlands for Field Research on Bizarre Native Customs
January 3 2017

Steve Martin Deletes Tribute to Carrie Fisher Because Media Feminists Didn't Like It
January 2 2017

NYT Columnist Dowd Gives Democrats Some Useful Advice for Next Time
December 22 2016

Liberal Totalitarinaism: Dems More LIkely Than GOPs to "Unfriend" Those Who Disagree With Them
December 21 2016

The Electoral College Liberal Debacle: A Net Loss of Votes for Hillary Clinton
December 20 2016

Texas Women's University Recommends Ban on "Holiday" Parties
December 16 2016

U.N. Drops Wonder Woman As Ambassador for Women and Girls
December 15 2016

Bye Bye Bard
December 14 2016

Hillary Clinton, Shadow President
December 13 2016

"Fake News" Scourge Slate Runs Its Own Bit of Fake News
December 9 2016

Women Protest Trump Presidency By Getting Ugly New Hairdos
December 8 2016

PC Police Wants to Ban "Baby, It's Cold Outside" for Promoting Date Rape
December 8 2016

Washington Post Crashes and Burns on Supposedly Russian-Generated "Fake News" Story
December 6 2016

Professors in High Dudgeon Over "Professor Watchlist" Website
December 6 2016

Death by Political Correctness--Literally
December 5 2016

Hampshire College Decides It's OK to Fly the Stars and Stripes, After All
December 5 2016

Social Justice Warriors Just Hate "No-Shave November"
December 2 2016

Cereal Colossus Kelloggs Pulls Its Ads From Breitbart News Because Donald Trump
December 2 2016

Newsweek Feels So Bad That It Can't Use Its President Hillary Cover Issue That It Releases Part of the Issue Anyway
December 1 2016

"This Week in Hate"--New Heights in New York Times Trump-o-Phobia
December 1 2016

The Atlantic "Proves" That Women Are Just As Sexually Coercive As Men
November 30 2016

Having a Sad: Castro's Death Brings Out the Absurd in People
November 29 2016

Celebrities Don't Like Being Mocked for Their Trump-Victory Hysteria
November 28 2016

Thanksgiving: When Liberal Journos Dish Condescending Advice About Talking to Your Conservative Relatives
November 22 2016

Give My Regards to Broadway--A Show of Insults for Theatre Goer Pence
November 21 2016

The Left's "St. Hillary" Hissy Fit
November 21 2016

Celebrities Vowing to Leave America on Trump Win
November 9 2016

The Handwringing Begins: Americans Just Don't Want a Woman President
November 9 2016

New York Times Reporter Has Experience of Ecstasy Over Hillary Clinton Appearance
November 8 2016

Only at the HuffPo: Fathers Who Want to Protect Their Daughters Are Treating Them Like Property
November 8 2016

Mom Files Federal Civil Rights Complaint Because Her Daughter Can't Wear Uncovered Leggings to School
November 7 2016

Anthony Weiner Rides a Horse as Part of His Sex-Addiction Rehab
November 7 2016

Jury Finds Defamation in Rolling Stone's UVA Fraternity Gang-Rape Story
November 4 2016

Harvard Punishes Its Men's Soccer Team for Four-Year-Old Insults to Women's Team
November 4 2016

Southern Poverty Law Center Places Scholars and Islamic Moderates on Its "Anti-Muslim Extremists" List
November 3 2016

Campus Administrators Work to Purge Male Students of Their "Toxic Masculinity"
November 3 2016

High-School Girls Bullied on Twitter Over supposedly Politically Incorrect Halloween Costumes
November 2 2016

Annheuser-Busch Pulls Bud Light Ads Featuring Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen
November 2 2016

Outrage! Fictional Women in Hollywood Movies Forced to Run While Wearing High Heels
November 1 2016

Time Mag Runs Witty Parody of Feminist Professor Saying Emailgate Is Actually a War Against Women
November 1 2016

NYU Professor Kicked Out of His Classroom After Criticizing Halloween Costume Censorship
October 31 2016

Girls at Prestigious Boston Latin School Complain That the Dress Code Promotes Rape Culture
October 28 2016

Campus Halloween-Costume Crackdown Roundup
October 27 2016

Aetna's CEO: Young People Would Rather Buy Beer Than Health Insurance
October 26 2016

Guy Gets into Trouble for Pointing Out That Most Women Shouldn't Wear Yoga Pants Outside the Studio
October 25 2016

The Obama Education Department Finally Sides With a Male Student in a Sex Misconduct Case
October 13 2016

Feminist Journalist Bemoans the Unbearable Oppression of Women's Clothes That Don't Have Pockets
October 13 2016

Study Demonstrates That, Yes, College Professors Are Overwhelmingly Liberal
October 12 2016

University of Tennessee Student Investigated for Writing Wrong Name as Answer on Quiz
October 12 2016

Political Scientists Discover That Washington Bureaucrats Think Ordinary Americans Are Idiots
October 11 2016

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Calls Natonal Anthem Protesters "Dumb and "Disrespectful"
October 11 2016

Woman Cop in Crime-Ridden Chicago Gets Beaten Up Because She's Afraid to Draw Her Gun
October 10 2016

Latest Gender-Warrior Outrage: Men Follow More Men Than Women on Twitter
October 10 2016

The Category 5 Storm of Liberals Linking Hurricane Matthew to Global Warming
October 7 2016

The Obama Administration's Crusade Against Leaving Uneaten Peas on Your Plate
October 7 2016

Professors Dinged for Not Writing Enough Nice Things About Their Female Students in Recommendation Letters
October 6 2016

Canadian Moms Report: Teachers Confiscating Their Kids' "Unhealthy" Home-Packed Lunches
October 6 2016

Academic Establishment Doesn't Like It When Students Joke About "Preferred Personal Pronouns"
October 5 2016

Student Club Cancels "Speedo Hike" Because Body-Shaming
October 4 2016

WaPo Finds a New Outrage: Sexist Halloween Costumes for Dogs
October 3 2016

At the University of Arizona, C Is the New F
September 29 2016

Turns Out That Students Learn More from Better-Looking Teachers
September 28 2016

Gorillas in the Dissed: Images of the Primates Banned From University of Kansas Dorm
September 27 2016

Sexist Stereotypes Abound in the Media's Pre-Debate Coverage
September 26 2016

Forget the London Blitz: We Now Have Gender Shrapnel
September 22 2016

Help! My Sons Roll Their Eyes When I Deliver My Eleventy-First Lecture on "Rape Culture"!
September 21 2016

Food Mag Accused of "Cultural Appropriation" for Showing a White Male Eating Pho
September 20 2016

Don't Like Hillary Clinton? That's Our Fault, Not Hers
September 19 2016

Surprise, Surprise! NYC Discovers That Its Free Sidewalk Wi-FI Is Being Hogged by Porn-Surfers
September 16 2016

What about the BILL Clinton Health Issues?
September 15 2016

At Los Angeles's Elite Occidental College, You Can't Have a 9/11 Memorial
September 14 2016

"Powering Through Pneumonia"
September 13 2016

Just in Case She Loses, Hillary Starts Planning Her Sexism Pity Party
September 9 2016

Ivy Crazy: Brown U. to Make Free Tampons Available in Its Men's Rooms
September 8 2016

Melissa "Muscle" Click, Fired From Mizzou, Promptly Gets New Faculty Job at Gonzaga
September 7 2016

Phyllis Schlafly, R.I.P.
September 6 2016

Anthony Weiner, Guru for Stay-at-Home Dads
September 2 2016

Social Justice Warrior Jeered At For Trying to Get Lyft Driver Fired Over His Dashboard Hula Girl
September 2 2016

Those Lifelike Robot Baby Dolls Designed to Deter Teen Pregnancy Actually Have the Opposite Effect
August 26 2016

University of Chicago Dean Warns Freshmen Not to Expect "Safe Spaces" or "Trigger Warnings"
August 25 2016

West Virginia University: Using the Wrong Gender-Neutral Pronoun Could Violate Title IX
August 24 2016

Warning: Never Say Anything About Hillary Clinton's Health
August 22 2016

A Woman Athlete Makes Olympic History--and the Media Ignore Her
August 19 2016

Wonkette: Maybe Bill Really Did Rape Juanita--But That's OK
August 18 2016

USDA to Set New Rules Limiting Use of Food Stamps at Convenience Stores
August 17 2016

CBS Sitcom about Whiny Millennial Snowflakes Leads Millennial Snowflakes to Whine
August 16 2016

Hillary Clinton's Favorite Charity: Hillary Clinton
August 15 2016

Students at California's Pitzer College Announce That They Don't Want White Roommates
August 12 2016

Where There's Fire There's Smoke
August 11 2016

Feminists Complain: Reporters Covering Women Olympians "Focus on Them as Wives and Moms"
August 10 2016

State Department Spends $185,000 for "Artwork" Consisting of 98 Balls of Yarn
August 9 2016

Gun-Control Fanatics "Triggered" by Gold Medal for Olympic Air-Rifle Shooter
August 8 2016

Obama's Instant Insomnia Cure: A Gushy Essay for Glamour About How We All Should Be Feminists
August 5 2016

How to Avoid Campus Sexual Harassment Charges
August 4 2016

Apple Swaps Its Gun Emoji For a Water Pistol, and Obama Administration Pays $400 Million to Iran in Prisoner Release
August 3 2016

Hillary Garbles Gun Control
August 2 2016

Federal Appeals Court Allows a Male Student to Use Title IX to Allege Anti-Male Discrimination by Columbia University
August 1 2016

Hillary's Acceptance Speech Was Actually All About Donald Trump
July 29 2016

Hillary Booster Amanda Marcotte to the Sanders Crowd: Drop Dead
July 28 2016

San Francisco-Area County Bans Fracking
July 27 2016

Professors Sue UT-Austin for the Right to Ban Firearms From Their Classrooms
July 26 2016

Dems Turn a Ladies' Room Into an "All-Gender" Bathroom at Their Convention
July 26 2016

Slate Feminist Turns Goofy New York Post Feature About Swinger Parents Into Tirade Against Full-Time Motherhood
July 25 2016

What's Your Favorite Hillary-DNC Wikileak?
July 25 2016

The NYT's Imaginary Catfight: Ivanka vs. Melania
July 22 2016

DNC Orders Vermont Party to Replace Two Male Delegates With Women
July 22 2016

Wolf-Whistling Now a "Hate Crime" in the U.K.
July 15 2016

Guess What! Liberals Really Are More Likely to Cry and Twist Themselves Into Yoga Pretzels Than Conservatives
July 14 2016

Memo to New College Freshman: Time to Buckle Down on Your Left-Progaganda "Common Reading" Assignment
July 13 2016

Snake on a Plane: Fomer NBC Producer Tries to Get Pilot Disciplined for Calling the Stewardesses "Pretty"
July 12 2016

NYT's Feminist Film Critic Orders Us to Love the New All-Women Remake of Ghostbusters
July 12 2016

Uber Forces Its Users to Take "One Minute" to Think About "Gun Violence"
July 11 2016

Physics Professor Attempts to Boost Female Students' Performance by Creating All-Female Lab Teams--and Gets Sued for Sex Discrimination
July 8 2016

Swedish Police Combat Groping of Teenage Girls With...Colorful "Don't Touch Me" Bracelets
July 7 2016

Eat, Pray, Write Best-Selling Slurp About Finding True Love on an Indonesian Beach, Then Divorce
July 6 2016

How Not to Have Fun on the Fourth of July
July 5 2016

Snowflake Intern Wonders Why She Was Fired After Ginning Up a Petition to Get Her Company to Relax Its Dress Code
July 1 2016

Government Study Shows That Men Really Do Work Longer and Harder at Their Jobs Than Women
June 28 2016

U.K. Philosophy Teacher: I Supported "Remain" Because I Can't Stand My Fellow Countrymen
June 27 2016

College Professors Muzzled for Inviting Classroom Debate on Controversial Topics
June 24 2016

"Stay at Home Mom" Gun-Control Pusher Is Actually a Career Public-Relations Operative
June 23 2016

Orlando Is Looking More and More Like San Bernardino All Over Again
June 22 2016

Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Oppressed Woman?
June 21 2016

Feminist Father's Day: Nagging Dads to to Do More Laundry-Folding
June 20 2016

The USDA Finally Realizes That "Food Deserts" Don't Cause Obesity
June 17 2016

New York Daily News Reporter Gets PTSD from Firing an AR-15 Rifle
June 16 2016

White House "Women's" Summit: Sex-Discrimination Lawsuits and Pitches for Hillary Clinton
June 15 2016

London's New Mayor Bans Tube Ads Featuring Attractive, Bikini-Clad Women
June 14 2016

Media: The Orlando Massacre Was All the Fault of the Gun Lobby
June 13 2016

Breaking News at the U.K Guardian: Low-Income People Actually Like to Go to McDonald's
June 10 2016

It's Now "Sexist" to Criticize Hillary Clinton's $12,000 Jacket
June 9 2016

Straight White Men Barred from "Equality" Conference
June 8 2016

UK Wind Industry Says England Isn't Windy Enough to Build Wind Turbines Without Government Subsidies
June 6 2016

Yale English Majors Petition Not to Have to Read Chaucer and Shakespeare
June 3 2016

High School Bars Students from Wearing Their National Honor Society Stoles at Graduation
June 2 2016

Animal-Rights Activists Value Life of Gorilla Over Life of 3-Year-Old Human Boy
June 1 2016

Another Bumbling Pro-Hillary Ad: "Man Enough to Vote for a Woman"
May 27 2016

Oberlin: The College Where You Spend $63,000 a Year to Feel Oppressed
May 26 2016

Polls Show That a Lot of Americans Can't Stand Hillary
May 25 2016

Washington Post Discovers That--Surprise, Surprise!--Women Wear Makeup
May 24 2016

Bull in a China Shop
May 23 2016

"Feminist" Justin Trudeau Elbows Female Member of Canadian Parliament
May 20 2016

New Feminist Literary Genre: The Wine-Whine
May 19 2016

NYC to Levy Fines Against People Who Refuse to Use "Gender-Neutral" Pronouns
May 18 2016

Huma Abedin, Lady's Maid
May 17 2016

Hillary Tweet Quotes Trump Endorsing Equal Pay for Women Who "Do As Good a Job" As Men
May 16 2016

Professor Banned From Teaching Course Titled "Men in Literature"
May 13 2016

ACLU: Obama Administration Investigating Dearth of Women Directors of Top-Grossing Hollywood Films
May 12 2016

Oregon State University Sets Up Mandatory "Social Justice Training" for Freshmen
May 11 2016

Harvard's Efforts to Make Its Single-Sex Student Organizations Go Co-ed Is Opposed by...Harvard Women
May 10 2016

New Progressive PAC Asks Straight White Men Not to Run for Office
May 9 2016

Obama Justice Department Official Orders Subordinates to Start Calling Ex-Cons "Individuals Who Were Incarcerated"
May 6 2016

Fraternities at Northwestern in Trouble With Feminists Over Banners Opposing Sexual Assault
May 5 2016

Ellen Pao Is Baaack!
May 4 2016

Gee, Officer Krupke, I'm a "Justice-Involved Youth"
May 3 2016

Attack of the Killer Vegans
May 3 2016

Hillary Gets Fired Up on Gun Control
April 27 2016

Melissa Click: It's My Pity Party, and I'll Cry If I Want To
April 26 2016

No Celebrations of Shakespeare Among the Feminists
April 25 2016

Hillary Clinton Endorses a Soda "Sin" Tax to Pay for Universal Pre-School
April 22 2016

Female New York Times Writer Indulges in Boring Monologue to Complain That Men Indulge in Boring Monologues
April 21 2016

Anti-Gay Slur on Whole Foods Cake Turns Out to Be, Yes, Yet Another Hate-Crime Hoax
April 20 2016

Kasich Sets Off Round of Pearl-Clutching by Advising Female College Students Worried About Sexual Assault Not to Attend Boozy Parties
April 19 2016

Harvard Forces Its All-Male Clubs to Accept Women--in the Name of Combating Sexual Assault
April 18 2016

Middle-School Spanish Teacher Who Gave Her Students a "Privilege Survey" Resigns
April 15 2016

President Obama, Alone of Mortals, Will Receive Advance Copies of Game of Thrones Episodes
April 14 2016

HBO's "Documentary" on Clarence Thomas's Confirmation Looks Like the Same Old Feminist Smear-Job
April 13 2016

New York Times Reporter in Hot Water for Writing a Semi-Sympathetic Article About Sexist Thought-Criminal Gay Talese
April 12 2016

Feds Spend $500K to Study Male Engineering Students' "Microaggressions" Against Female Engineering Students
April 11 2016

Washington Post Writer: I'm Raising My Cats Gender-Neutral
April 8 2016

Hysterical Indiana University Students Mistake a Dominican Friar for a Ku Klux Klansman
April 7 2016

Forget About College Campuses As Havens of Free Speech.
April 6 2016

UVA Professor Invokes Title IX to Get Rid of a Campus...Mural
April 5 2016

Making the World Safer for Women: Letting Men Mingle With Them in the Restroom
April 4 2016

Lawyers for Rape-Hoax Story's "Jackie" Claim She'd Be "Re-Traumatized" by Giving a Deposition
April 1 2016

You Might Have Thought the Hysteria at Emory U. Over the "Vote Trump" Chalkings Was a One-Off
March 30 2016

More on Jill and Hill: Hillary's Not Dishonest--Just Secretive, Duplicitous, and Generally Unappealing
March 29 2016

Game of French Thrones: BBC Turns Reign of Louis XIV Into a Sex-and Sadism Soap-apalooza
March 24 2016

Professors Blame Terrorist Bombings on College Engineering Programs
March 23 2016

Marines to Undergo Training to Erase "Unconscious Bias" Against Women in Ground Combat
March 22 2016

Rapist birds: PC Ornithologists Argue That Female Birds Look Drabber Than Male Birds To Fight Off Sexual Harassment
March 21 2016

Melissa Click: Mizzou Fired Me Because I'm Not "Perfect."
March 18 2016

Maoism Lives! Female Reporter Forced to Retract a Description of Another Female Reporter as "Petite"
March 17 2016

Hillary Clinton's "Sexist Double Bind"--Yeah, Right
March 16 2016

Author Continues to Argue That the Duke Lacrosse Case Really Was About Racism, Classism, and Sexism
March 14 2016

New Feminist Crusade for Free Stuff: Free Tampons
March 11 2016

How to Get More Women to Support Gun Rights: Get Them Drooling Over the "Hot Felon"
March 10 2016

Latest Excuse for Why There Aren't More Women Scientists: Men Scientists Ask Them Out on Dates
March 9 2016

Put Some Ice on That: National Science Foundation Funds Study of "Feminist Glaciology"
March 8 2016

The Washington Post's Sabrina Erdely One-Man Fan Club
March 7 2016

The Horror: Some Men Don't Think the New All-Female "Ghostbusters" Is Going to Be Any Good
March 4 2016

Female Pro-Hockey Players Complain That They Don't Make As Much As Male Pro-Hockey Players
March 3 2016

Uh-oh! Boy Wins Science Contest Designed to Get Girls Into Science
March 2 2016

Oscar Night: When the Female Stars Don Overpriced Gowns--But Call You a Sexist If You Ask Them About That
March 1 2016

Boo Hoo! U. of Missouri Board Fires Melissa "Muscle" Click
February 26 2016

Stop the Presses! WaPo Reports that Scalia Was With Members of a Secret Society When He Died
February 25 2016

Shootout at the Campus Corral: Texas Professors Panic Over New Law Allowing Concealed Carry
February 24 2016

The Sad, Sad Story of (Now-Former) Millennial Yelp Employee Talia Jane
February 23 2016

Cornell Student Activists Decide the Word "Plantation" Is Racist
February 22 2016

Vassar Activists Demand That All Bathrooms on Campus Be Designated "All-Gender"
February 19 2016

Cosmopolitan Magazine Gets Into Gun Control: 78 Canned Putdowns of Your Firearm-Owning Boyfriend
February 18 2016

Melissa Click Tops Her "Muscle" Quote: "[Cops] Get Your Effing Hands Off of Me!"
February 17 2016

New Statistical Analysis Shows That Women Are Still "Marrying Up"
February 16 2016

Finnish Police to Women: Use The Force to Get Rid of Would-Be Rapists
February 15 2016

Mmm, Feminist Valentine's Day!
February 12 2016

San Diego Reverses Ban on Using the Term "Founding Fathers" in City Correspondence
February 11 2016

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Takes on Grim-Faced Political Correctness at the University of New Hampshire
February 10 2016

This Year's Super Bowl Ads: Instead of Preachy, Gross
February 9 2016

Madeleine Albright: Special Place in Hell for Women Who Don't Help Hillary
February 8 2016

Hmm, Hillary Isn't Polling So Well Among Women
February 8 2016

Mandatory "Diversity" Indoctrination Sessions Go Into Effect at Mizzou
February 5 2016

Brown University Faculty Votes to Rename Columbus Day "Indigenous People's Day"
February 4 2016

Lena Dunham Quits Twitter for the Umpteenth Time Because the Tweeters are So Mean to Her
February 3 2016

Campus Free-Speech Organization Defends Georgetown Law Students Barred From Distributing Bernie Sanders Material on Campus
February 2 2016

It's a "Power Pose" When a Woman Takes Up Space but "Manspreading" When a Man Does the Same Thing
February 1 2016

From the Annals of Female Oppression: Disney Princesses Don't Talk Enough
January 29 2016

The Obama Labor Department Proposes Removing the Words "He" and "She" From a Regulation
January 28 2016

University of Oregon Students Debate Removing MLK's "I Have a Dream" Quote From the Student Union
January 27 2016

Dictionary in Trouble for "Sexist" Usage Examples
January 26 2016

Atlantic Writer Can't Figure Out Why People Stock Up on Milk and Eggs Before Snowstorms
January 25 2016

Katniss Everdeen, Sexist Stereotype
January 25 2016

Norway Holds "No Is No" Classes Designed to Teach Migrant Men That It's Wrong to Grope Norwegian Women
January 21 2016

Alberta, Canada's Progressive New Government Bans the Words "Mother" and "Father" in Schools
January 20 2016

Study: The Biggest Offenders in the Gender-Stereotyping Department Are Women Themselves
January 19 2016

"Retro"! "Sexist"! WaPo's Hillary Fangirl Ruth Marcus Takes Aim at Carly Fiorina
January 18 2016

Feminist New Year's Resolutions: Stop Shaving Your Legs and Start Falsely Accusing Some Man of Rape
January 15 2016

The Liberal Pity Party Begins for Melissa "I Need Some Muscle" Click
January 14 2016

USC Students Required to Answer Invasive Questions About Their Sex Lives in Order to Register for the Spring Semester
January 13 2016

Feminist Columnist Devotes an Entire Column to Her New Skin-Moisturizing Regimen
January 12 2016

Only at the Ivy League: Columbia University Scientists Blame Women's Depression on the "Gender Wage Gap"
January 11 2016

Fox News Gets Stomped On by Progressives for Pointing Out That Women Apologize Too Much
January 8 2016

Cologne Mayor Says Women Groped on New Year's Eve Should Have Been More Careful
January 7 2016

Surprise, Surprise! Attractive Female College Students Earn Higher Grades Than Unattractive Female College Students
January 6 2016

Everyone Hates a Male Feminist--and No One So Much As a Female Feminist
January 4 2016

Thank You, Bill Clinton--For Making Hillary Clinton's Presidential Run So...Interesting
January 4 2016

She's Your Abuela, Millennials--So Vote for Her!
December 30 2015

New York Now Can Fine You $250,000 for Addressing a Transgender by the Wrong Pronoun
December 29 2015

Huffington Post: Unplug Those Christmas Lights, You Energy-Guzzling Americans!
December 28 2015

Sultan of Brunei...or Campus Diversity Office?
December 23 2015

Feminist Parenting: Explaining Oral Sex to Your 9-Year-Old
December 22 2015

Students Complain: Serving Ethnic Food in the Campus Cafeteria Is "Culturally Appropriative"
December 21 2015

Shocking New Study Reveals That Medical Schools Need...Mustache Quotas!
December 18 2015

The Harvard-Yale Game: Battle of the Hilarious PC Atrocities
December 17 2015

Ultra-PC School Principal Tries to Abolish Santa Claus, Thanksgiving, and the Pledge of Allegiance
December 16 2015

Media Wags Jeer at Ordinary Americans Who Buy Guns to Defend Themselves Against Terrorists
December 15 2015

The District of Columbia Isn't Spending Enough Federal Taxpayer Money on "Job Training" for Its Unemployed
December 14 2015

xoJane Essayist: Just Because I Write About My Breasts a Lot Doesn't Mean You're Entitled to Point Out That I Write About My Breasts a Lot
December 11 2015

Wendy Davis Is Back--Campaigning for Hillary Clinton
December 10 2015

The War on Christmas Parties
December 9 2015

Salon: It's Sexist to Observe That Tashfeen Malik Was a Mother
December 7 2015

Slate: When you're caught displaying your contempt for religious people, don't apologize--double down!
December 4 2015

Mom "Forced" to Quit Job Because No Paid Maternity Leave Complains: Now We "Eat Out Only One Night Each Week"
December 2 2015

Emperor's New Clothes Time: The Elites Gush Over the Hideous 2016 Pirelli Calendar
December 1 2015

Woman Firefighter Who Failed Physical Tests Suffers Disabling Injury 10 Days Into the Job
November 30 2015

Back in the USSR: Harvard Ed School Thinks It's Great for Schoolchildren to Rat Out Their Parents
November 27 2015

Old Whine: "Cultural Appropriation." New Whine: "Poverty Appropriation."
November 25 2015

Joyce Carol Oates Twitter-Bombs Herself--Again
November 24 2015

WaPo's Dana Milbank's Anti-ISIS Strategy: Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair
November 23 2015

Don't Eat that Enchilada--It's "Cultural Appropriation"
November 20 2015

Mizzou Sympathy Protesters at Smith College Demand Favorable Press Coverage--or Else
November 19 2015

U.K. University cancels International Men's Day After Campus Feminists Go Ballistic
November 18 2015

"Imagine There's No Countries": Pianist Plays Vacuous John Lennon Song at Site of Paris Massacre
November 17 2015

Columbia Students Feel So Bad about Microaggressions at Mizzou that They Walk Out of Their Classes
November 16 2015

Annals of Defenestration: Claremont McKenna Dean Forced to Resign for Actually Being Sensitive to Minority Student's Concerns
November 13 2015

Chris Matthews Isn't Sure Whether Cuba Counts As a "Hispanic" Country
November 12 2015

Carly Takes the Heat, Hillary Gets the Warm Glow of Love
November 11 2015

University of Missouri Media Professor Tries the Run the Press Off Campus
November 10 2015

The University of Missouri or Yale? Which Campus Capitulated most Cravenly to Student Hysteria?
November 9 2015

Native American Protester of Washington Redskins Team Name Reportedly Dons Blackface for Halloween
November 6 2015

Hug a Thug: Obama Bans Federal Employers From Asking Job Applicants About Their Criminal Pasts
November 5 2015

U.K. University Students Rebel Against Mandatory "Sexual Consent" Classes
November 4 2015

In the Progressive Press, a Poor White Woman's Early Death Is Always a Progressive Morality Tale
November 3 2015

Whew! It's Nov. 2, So No-More Finger-Wagging About "Offensive" Halloween Costumes
November 2 2015

Annals of Microaggression: Now, It's the Word "Too" That's Sexist
October 30 2015

Feminists Want the Education Department to Curb Mean Student Comments on Yik Yak
October 29 2015

All Fired Up: Hair-Trigger Hysteria Over Firearms on Campuses
October 16 2015

Justice! Aunt Loses $127,000 Lawsuit Against 12-Year-Old Nephew For Jumping Into Her Arms at His Birthday Party Four Years Ago
October 15 2015

Annals of Victimology: Now It's Sexist Kitchen Counters
October 15 2015

So People Will Now Actually Be Reading Playboy for the Articles
October 14 2015

The Short, Lurid Life of Kiersten Rickenbach Cerveny
October 13 2015

Liberal Media Already Scrambling to Make Excuses for Expected Low Viewership of Tonight's Debate
October 13 2015

University of Missouri Students Plaster Thomas Jefferson Statue With "Racist" Sticky Notes
October 12 2015

Hilarious Hysteria at the University of Texas-Austin Over the State's New Campus-Carry Law
October 12 2015

Rihanna's Dilemma
October 9 2015

It's True! Government Workers Really Do Make More Than Workers in the Private Sector
October 9 2015

At London Opening of Suffragette Protesters Repeat History As Farce
October 8 2015

Uh-oh--Now It Turns Out that Whole Milk Isn't Bad For You After All
October 8 2015

Ivy League Professor Uses Racist Slur Against Ben Carson
October 7 2015

Microaggression Watch: It's Now "Sexism" to Make Fun of Pumpkin Spice Latte
October 7 2015

Vanderbilt's "Healthy Masculinities Week" Is Even More Emasculating Than We'd Predicted
October 6 2015

How to Get Kids to Eat Those Michelle-Mandated School Veggies: "Pair" Them With Something Even Worse
October 5 2015

Meet the New York Times's Icky--but Very, Very Sensitive--"Modern Man"
October 2 2015

The Left Won't Stop Pretending that Soviet Spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg Actually Weren't Soviet Spies
October 1 2015

Student Activists at Wesleyan Want the College Newspaper to Be a "Safe Space"
September 29 2015

A Victimology Tree Grows in Brooklyn: Hipster "Artists" Versus Race-Card Playing Activists
September 28 2015

Lena Dunham Complains that the Media Use "Gendered" Language About Hillary Clinton
September 25 2015

Dem Donors Tired of Hillary, Want Bill Clinton to Run Instead
September 24 2015

Scripps College Devises "Gender-Neutral Pronouns" That Are Even More Ridiculous Than the University of Tennessee's
September 23 2015

"Culture Critic" Cintra Wilson's Weird Obsession With the Bush Administration
September 22 2015

Bow Down to the Lord High PC Executioner
September 21 2015

Why Wasn't the Kid Who Nibbled His Pop Tart into a Gun Shape Invited to the White House?
September 18 2015

Britain Appoints First-Ever "Mental Health Czar"; Her First Move: Trying to Curtail Teen-age Boys' Access to Gyms
September 17 2015

Atlantic Writer's "Why I Put My Wife's Career First" Actually Argues That Men Are Better Than Women
September 16 2015

Hillary: When All Else Fails, Try Passing Around Your Baby Pictures
September 15 2015

Hippie mom shocked, shocked that her teenage son is an enviro-Nazi
September 14 2015

Dead Poets Society: Writer Cons Top Literary Magazine Into Publishing His Lousy "Chinese" Poem
September 11 2015

Feminists Beside Themselves With Rage Over Apple's Photoshopped Female Smile
September 10 2015

Chorus Replaces the Word "Jesus" With the Word "Hillary" in Classic Hymn
September 7 2015

Slate Writer Won't Shut Up Whining About How Mean and Sexist Everyone Was to Her
September 7 2015

Campus Women's Center Sponsors "Healthy Masculinities Week"
September 4 2015

Washington State U. Decides Students Won't Be Punished After All for Using "Sexist" Language
September 3 2015

Call Me "Ze": The University of Tennessee-Knoxville Goes In for "Gender-Neutral" Pronouns
September 2 2015

Chrissie Hynde: Women Ought to Take Some Common-Sense Precautions to Avoid Being Raped
September 1 2015

DNC Staffers So Out of Touch With the U.S. Military That they Mistake Foreign Vets for U.S. Vets
August 28 2015

The Fake Female Users of Ashley Madison: Proof That Sex Differences Are Actually Real
August 27 2015

"Freshman Daughter Drop Off" Banners: Latest Target of "Rape Culture"-Obsessed College Administrators
August 26 2015

Coming Soon: Turning 'Personal Trainer' Into a Heavily Regulated Profession
August 25 2015

Back to the 1970s Future In New York: Muggings, Squeegee Men, and Now, Naked Ladies in Times Square
August 24 2015

Feminist Activists Push the FDA to Approve a Crummy Aphrodisiac
August 21 2015

And Now We're Supposed to Feel Sorry for the Hacked Ashley Madison Adulterers
August 20 2015

Seems That Most Men Don't Want to Take Their Wives' Surnames When They Marry
August 19 2015

Put Down that "Lord of the Rings"! Feminist Denounces "Patriarchy" and "Misogyny" in Science Fiction
August 18 2015

Sorority Recruitment Video Dumped On for Showing...Blondes Having Fun
August 17 2015

Media Feminists Uncover an Insidious Form of Bias Against Women: the "Makeup Tax"
August 14 2015

Amanda Marcotte Hearts Anthony Weiner--Says Sexting Counts as "Affirmative Consent"
August 13 2015

Old "Paid Family Leave": Allowing Mothers to Take It; New "Paid Family Leave"; Forcing Fathers to Take It
August 12 2015

The Joy of Tenure: Professor With Lengthy Criminal Record Apparently Can't Get Fired
August 11 2015

Target Gets Rid of "Boys" and "Girls" Sections in Its Toy Department
August 10 2015

Liberal Guy Catfight! Is It or Is It Not 'Sexist' to Welcome Biden's Challenge to Clinton?
August 6 2015

Women Take on Bigger Student Loans Than Men--but It's All Society's Fault, of Course
August 5 2015

Reparations for Women! Feminists Demand That Men Hand Over Cash as Compensation for Patriarchy
August 4 2015

Glamour Magazine Gets In Trouble For Advising Women How to Make Their Men Happy
August 3 2015

Rutgers Prof Who Helped Run Condoleezza Rice Off Campus Complains That Fox News Dissed One of Her Tweets
July 29 2015

Child Labor: Abhorred by Progressives for the First World, Deemed Environmentally Correct by Progressives for the Third World
July 28 2015

A Taxpayer-Subsidized Conference for Middle Schoolers: Ninth Graders Learn All About Lesbian Sex
July 27 2015

New Sexism: Male-Dominated Backyard Barbecuing
July 24 2015

Important New Social Cause: Targeting the Target "Trophy Wife" T-Shirt
July 23 2015

Emma Thompson: The Latest 56-Year-Old Actress to Complain That Hollywood Won't Give Her Roles Designed for 26-Year Olds
July 22 2015

"Men Rarely Catcall Me Anymore"--Jessica Valenti Admits She Misses the Attention
July 21 2015

How to Be the Ultimate Male Feminist:: Let Your Wife Talk You Into an 'Open Marriage'
July 20 2015

U. of Wisconsin Professor Hunts Down 18-Year-Old Freshmen on Twitter to Send Them Anti-Scott Walker Tweets
July 17 2015

"Gender-Neutral" Kids' Clothing: Trading One Gender Stereotype for Another
July 16 2015

Victory! California Court Rules University Didn't Give Male Student a Fair Hearing on Sexual-Assault Charges
July 15 2015

A Slow Day at Slate: Sexist Craft Beer
July 14 2015

Once again, the Media Turn Ellen Pao into a Victim of Silicon-Valley Sexism
July 13 2015

Macroagression! Fashion Critic Who Says Large Ladies Shouldn't Wear Crop Tops Blasted for "Body-Shaming"
July 10 2015

"Back to the Future" Used to Be a Charming Reagan-Era Fantasy--Now, It's all About Patriarchy
July 9 2015

House GOP Hopes to Relax Michelle Obama's School-Lunch Totalitarianism
July 8 2015

A New First World Problem for Women: The Bicycle Gender Gap
July 7 2015

Annals of Thin (Inked) Feminist Skin: "Tatcalling"
July 6 2015

Meet Tonette Walker: What Kind of First Lady Would She Be?
July 6 2015

Study: Women Carry Twice as Much Credit-Card Debt as Men. Feminists: It's All Men's Fault!
July 2 2015

Defenestrated Nobel Scientist's Remarks Seem to Have Been a Joke--but Feminists Still Think He 'Had to Go'
July 1 2015

Elizabeth Gilbert's "I'm a Seduction Addict"--Well, That's a Fancy Way of Saying, "He Never Called"
June 26 2015

Silly Season: Feminist Writers List Their Dumb Picks for the $10 Bill
June 25 2015

How to Get More Women Into STEM Fields--Tell Them They're Better at STEM Than They Actually Are
June 24 2015

The New Republic's Chloe Angyal: Let's Blame the Charleston Massacre on the "Concept of White Women"
June 23 2015

The Washington Post's Fathers' Day Gift to Dads: Shut Up and Get Lost
June 22 2015

Guess Who's Supposed to Be Behind the Charleston Massacre: Nikki Haley!
June 19 2015

Microaggression U.
June 18 2015

Sexism at the Tattoo Parlor
June 17 2015

Female Scientists Try to Show Up Tim Hunt By Making Themselves Too Ugly to Fall In Love With
June 15 2015

Nobel Scientist Forced to Resign for Saying There's Such a Thing as On-the-Job Romance
June 12 2015

Jerry Seinfeld Says College Students Are Too Politically Correct--and a College Student Proves He's Right
June 11 2015

First Amendment Outrage: Prosecutors Subpoena Reason Magazine for Commenters' Identities
June 10 2015

Andrew Cuomo's New Campus Rape Hysteria Partner: Lady Gaga
June 9 2015

57-year-old Lee Siegel Pretends to Be a Starving Millennial Who Can't Repay His College Loans
June 8 2015

Emma Sulkowicz Outdoes Herself With a Graphic Sex Videotape
June 5 2015

Hillary Does It Again: Her Campaign Bumps a Children's Playground Event
June 4 2015

Caitlyn Jenner: Now It Turns Out That She's Too "Cis/Eurocentric"
June 3 2015

Caitlyn Jenner Fights the Stigma of...Belonging to the GOP
June 2 2015

Laura Kipnis Gets Cleared--Just Barely--in Title IX Investigation of Her Supposed Sexual Harassment
June 1 2015

Latest Feminist Outrage: A Man Talking to a Woman
May 29 2015

The "Republican Clown Car"--How Soon Before It Runs Out of Gas?
May 28 2015

"Primates of New York": Dishing on Your Friends and Sanctimonious Horror at Wealthy Lifestyles
May 27 2015

Annals of Public Education: Poor Kids Banned From School Carnival on School Grounds
May 26 2015

Boston U. Prof. Saida Grundy's Excellent Electronic Adventures
May 22 2015

Media Figure Out the Reason for That Bar Brawl in Waco: Restaurant Sexism
May 21 2015

Equal Pay For Less Work? Every Day Men Work 42 More Minutes Than Women
June 30 2016

Sexual Assault On Campus: Kasich’s Record Makes Up For ‘Alcohol’ Comments
April 21 2016

Author: Duke Lacrosse Case Really Was About Racism, Classism, and Sexism • Garrison
March 17 2016

New Report: Women Making More Than Husbands On Rise & Obama's Carbon Footprint • Bill LuMaye
December 2 2015

Emotion And Hysteria At Heart Of Mizzou And Yale Uprisings • Vinnie Penn Project
November 13 2015

Wesleyan University wants school newspaper to be a "safe space" & Dem Donors want Bill Clinton to run for Hillary
October 1 2015

Vanderbilt's "Healthy Masculinity Week" & Slate writer can't take the heat • Garrison
September 10 2015

Professor with criminal record can't be fired due to tenure • Garrison
August 13 2015

Hillary's "debt free" college proposal at expense of taxpayers • Garrison
August 13 2015

Rutgers prof who helped run Condoleezza Rice off campus complains Fox News dissed her tweet & BBQ's are now sexist • Garrison
July 31 2015

Gender Equalists new plan to get women in STEM & Left's suggestion for women on the $10 • Stacy Petty
June 30 2015

King v Burwell • Garrison
June 25 2015

Sexism at the Tattoo Parlor
June 17 2015

Caitlyn Jenner fights stigma of belong to...the GOP • Neal Larson
June 3 2015

Caitlyn Jenner fights stigma of belonging to... the GOP & more... • Bill Cunningham
June 2 2015

Have we reached a tipping point with childlessness?
April 30 2015

U of M American Sniper snub/Hillary Clinton's first week mishaps • Andy Caldwell
April 16 2015

Hillary's foreign donations/Women in STEM/New book: women are moody • WIBC Garrison
March 11 2015

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