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Charlotte Hays

Director of Cultural Programs, Senior Editor

Charlotte Hays is IWF's senior editor and director of cultural program.

Hays gets up most mornings and contributes to the Inkwell, the weblog of the Independent Women's Forum. Hays joined the Independent Women's Forum in 1999 as editor of The Women's Quarterly. When the quarterly evolved into our web operation, Hays became a senior editor.

Known for her quick and irreverent sense of humor, Hays has appeared on cable television programs such as Politically Incorrect, C-Span's Washington Journal, and PBS's To the Contrary. A former correspondent for the National Catholic Register and a feature writer at The Washington Times, Hays has been fascinated by politics since covering local politics for alternative weeklies in New Orleans. She is coauthor of three humorous books on southern culture, the first of which was the best-selling Being Dead Is No Excuse: The Official Southern Ladies Guide to Hosting the Perfect Funeral. She is also author of Fortune Hunters, a book on what it takes to make a Midas marriage. Her work has appeared in the Wall Street JournalNew York magazine, the Washington Post’s “Book World,” and the Weekly Standard.

Hays has recently returned to IWF after several years of serving as editor of In Character, A Journal of Everyday Virtues, which was published by the John Templeton Foundation.mes, Hays has been fascinated by politics since covering local politics for alternative weeklies in New Orleans.

Recent Articles:

VA Head Not that Concerned about Long Waits for Sick Veterans

May 24 2016

Federal Judge Finds Systematic Deception on Part of "Justice" Department Lawyers

May 24 2016

Barone: Clinton Would Make Pay Gap Bigger

May 24 2016

Self-identified IRS Employee: Sure, I Target Conservatives

May 23 2016

Dubious Achievement: 20,642 New Regulations Added in Obama Years

May 23 2016

Abolished: Valedictorians and Salutatorians

May 23 2016

Bad News: Obama Planning to "Come to Grips" with History at Hiroshima

May 23 2016

Turning Salaried Workers into Hourly Workers

May 20 2016

Is the IRS Still Targeting Conservatives?

May 20 2016

President Obama's Hidden Persuaders

May 20 2016

Affirmative Consent Takes a Hit

May 19 2016

New Overtime Rules Won't Help People Get into the Middle Class

May 19 2016

Same Old, Same Old: New Overtime Rules May Not Help Actual Workers that Much

May 19 2016

Feminist Presidential Candidate: Hubby Will Run the Economy

May 18 2016

SCOTUS Punts: Good News for Religious Liberty . . . for the Time Being

May 16 2016

Forget the Erosion of Due Process in Campus Rape Cases. Now, You May Not Even Need an Accuser

May 16 2016

Columnist: The "War on Women" Is Just a "Shtick" Aimed at Getting Votes

May 16 2016

FBI Director: "Ferguson Effect" May Be Contributing to a Higher Murder Rate

May 13 2016

Federal Judge: Sorry, President Obama, We Still Have Separation of Powers

May 13 2016

Hiroshima: Obama and Harry Truman

May 12 2016

A Village? Nope, Hillary Now Says It Takes a Government

May 11 2016

Selma Envy and the Bathroom Wars

May 10 2016

Labor Sec Tom Perez: Get Me Rewrite!

May 10 2016

Abramson's Latest Love Letter to Hillary: "Ludicrous" to Call Her a "Nasty Enabler"

May 10 2016

Why Are Israelis Happier than They Should Be?

May 10 2016

Letter-to-the-Editor: Time Limits on Food Stamps Are Necessary

May 9 2016

Maverick Feminist Wendy McElroy Takes on Campus Rape in a New Book

May 9 2016

More on the Colossal Lies of Rhodes

May 9 2016

New York Times: Top Obama Aide Used False Narrative to Sell Iran Nuclear Deal

May 6 2016

Report: One Fourth of Democrats Not So Keen on ObamaCare

May 5 2016

Cruz Bows Out

May 4 2016

What Happens to "War on Women" Rhetoric Now?

May 4 2016

Omen: Hillary Rakes in $24 Million Selling "Women's Cards"

May 3 2016

Demographer: Politics Moving Left, While Populace Moving Right

May 3 2016

Recipe for Stagnation: Proposed Rules Aimed at Reducing Reasonable Risk-taking

May 2 2016

Men, Women, and College Degrees

May 2 2016

Gender Politics, 2016: The Women Card versus the Wild Card

May 2 2016

Economic Report: Been Down So Long, It Looks Like Up to Some

April 29 2016

Hollywood News: Will Ferrell Wants to Make Comedy about Ronald Reagan's Alzheimer's

April 29 2016

Harvard Survey: Fifty-One Percent of Young Adults Reject Capitalism

April 29 2016

Trump TV: Why I Gave Up My Cable News Habit

April 28 2016

University of Washington Pulls Cheerleading Tryout Graphic With List of Do's and Don't's for Makeup and Hair

April 28 2016

What If Regulations Were at 1980 Level?

April 27 2016

Camille Paglia on Just About Everything

April 27 2016

Are You Owed a Job?

April 26 2016

Women's Soccer Promotes Phony Pay Gap: It's a Contract Negotiating Tool

April 26 2016

Will Grateful Virginia Felons Hand the Commonweath to Hillary Clinton?

April 25 2016

What Did Our Grandparents Want in a Spouse--Compared with What We Want?

April 25 2016

Queen Elizabeth to Obama: No, You Can't Park a Dozen Helicopters in My Yard

April 25 2016

Pen and Phone: Hillary's Old Pal in Virginia Gives Voting Rights to 200,000 Convicted Felons

April 22 2016

Conservative Women: 'Trump Is Todd Akin On Steroids'

March 18 2016

HRC: I'm Going to Put a Lot of Coal Mining Companies out of Business • Conservative Commandos

March 16 2016

Obama's Last-Year "Plans" Under Fire

January 14 2016

Democrats Sexual Abuse Double Standard & Feminist's Unserious Take On Cologne Attacks • Stacy Petty Show

January 12 2016

Will President's Gun Control Executive Order Stop Gun Violence? Probably Not. • Garrison

January 7 2016

Pre-FBN Debate Analysis & GWU's Censored Women's Film Festival • Stacy Petty

November 10 2015

CNBC moderator Becky Quick used discredited wage gap statistics

October 30 2015

Civil War Brewing Over Caitlyn Jenner • Michael Koolidge

October 27 2015

Hillary Wants to Take Your Guns & Benghazi Hearing Analysis • Andy Caldwell

October 22 2015

Joe Biden Says No To 2016 & Second Amendment Under Fire • Conservative Commandos

October 21 2015

Law against discrimination makes hiring women a challenge

October 9 2015

Hillary Clinton and First Democrat Debate • Garrison

October 8 2015

The New Hillary: Suspension of Disbelief • Garrison

October 8 2015

Republicans hope Carly Fiorina will close the electoral gender gap. Here’s why she won’t.

September 28 2015

Trump's Disparaging Remarks on Fiorina's Face • Vicki McKenna

September 10 2015

Advice for young women in the work place • WCBS Pat Carroll

August 31 2015

Gender-equality numbers reliable? Nah, not so much

August 25 2015

'Women's equality' ranking, by state

August 24 2015

The Forgotten Trump, The Rise of Carly, and the Dishonest Hillary • Garrison

August 20 2015

Netflix and other big tech companies extending parental leave policies • One News Now

August 12 2015

Obama's policies an obstacle for startups

August 6 2015

Hillary Clinton's Reset • Conservative Commandos

June 16 2015

Podcast #12: Technology & Taxes: Costly Policies That Affect Consumers

June 11 2015

Podcast #11: Women LEAD Summit: Moving forward with a positive agenda for women

June 2 2015

The rise of Carly Florina • Vicki McKenna

May 28 2015

IRS targeting saved Obama re-election/Iran & Israel/UVA Rape Scandal • Andy Caldwell

April 9 2015

UVA Rolling Stone Report: A Blemish on Professional Journalism • Bill Martinez Live

April 9 2015

UN deems Israel the only violator of women's rights • Bobby Gunther Walsh

March 26 2015

UN deems Israel top violator of women's rights • Schilling Show

March 23 2015

Poverty & Ferguson/Hillary's Hard Drives/Prof wants to bypass Supreme Court • WIBC Garrison

March 19 2015

Hillary's Hard Drives • Conservative Commandos

March 17 2015

Hillary faces test as women's advocate/What happened to the Abbottabad docs? • Andy Caldwell

March 12 2015

How do we bring more women into top jobs? • BBC Radio

March 6 2015

Actress Patricia Arquette Demands Equal Pay in Oscar Speech • WCBM Sean and Frank

February 25 2015

Obama Admistration's Internet Power-Grab • WIBC Garrison

February 12 2015

What's behind "No Gender December" • Rick Amato Show

December 16 2014

Supreme Court says small, private companies don't have to provide contraception • Neal Larson Show

July 1 2014

Under Title IX equal opportunities should not mean equal outcomes • SportsTalk 84 with Lachlan McLean

June 25 2014

Is there a hysteria developing about rape on campus? • WIBC Garrison

June 12 2014

Planet Cynical: Valerie Jarrett’s transparently false claims on salary transparency • WIBC Greg Garrison

April 17 2014

Battle of the Ages: Boomers vs Millennials • Stossel

February 27 2014

Hays • Feminization of poverty is a real problem • Garrison on 93WIBC (01.16.14)

January 16 2014

Hays • Why is it so difficult for new college graduates to get hired? • WPHT Dom Giordano (12.18.13)

December 18 2013

Hays • Contraception fight goes to court on religious freedom grounds • Wash Post TV (12.4.13)

December 4 2013

Charlotte Hays joins AM Colorado to discuss the Congressional SNAP challenge

June 24 2013

Charlotte Hays joins the Andy Caldwell Show to discuss why women do not need more government protection

June 11 2013

Charlotte Hays sets the record straight on the pay gap on WGTK's Joe Elliot Show

June 11 2013

Charlotte Hays discusses how women are exceeding men financially and educationally on the Bill Meyer Show

March 26 2013

Charlotte Hays discusses some surprising new Census data on just how far women have come on the Vicki McKenna Show

March 25 2013

Charlotte Hays discusses the sequester and the President's visit to Israel on the Andy Caldwell Show

March 21 2013

‘Safe Spaces’?: Not For Guys In Our Feminized College Environments

May 17 2016

Hillary Evolves: More Government Needed to Raise Tots

May 13 2016

Is Camilla the Wicked Stepmother in the Royal Family Drama?

May 6 2016

Hillary, Hill, And Jill

April 29 2016

Equal Pay Day: Hillary's Favorite Holiday

April 15 2016

Donald Trump Breathes New Life into Left’s War on Women

March 18 2016

Nancy Reagan: An Alternative Obituary

March 8 2016

Do Or Die Time

February 19 2016

Women In Combat Isn't Just A Women's Issue

February 18 2016

Steinem, Albright Try Bullying Female Voters into Supporting Hillary

February 11 2016

Muslim Women: Obama's Slap in the Face

February 5 2016

Now, What About The 13 Hours Of Hillary Clinton And Barack Obama?

January 22 2016

Will Bill Clinton's Sexual Past Disturb Hillary's "Women As Victim" Ploy?

January 8 2016

President Obama: Perks Are Great but Get Me Outta Here!

December 18 2015

From Cosmo Girl To Catholic Woman: The Story Of One Woman’s Liberation

December 12 2015

Celebrities, Please Stop Talking About Menopause

December 8 2015

Pathetic Protests

December 4 2015

Religion Of Peace?

November 28 2015


November 20 2015

The Media’s Snob Problem: Trump’s Gold Palace and Carson’s Jesus Painting

November 19 2015

Censored Women's Film Festival: Will There Be a Feminist in the Room?

November 6 2015

GOP Candidates Counter Comic-Book CNBC Panel

October 29 2015

Our Old Friend the Wage Gap: It's Not the Real Story from Latest BLS Stats

October 23 2015

Don’t look now, New England, but political correctness can bite you, too

October 16 2015

Ian Mercer: Gun Control Lecturer

October 9 2015

Progressive Officials: Murdered Woman Should Have Known It Was Unsafe to Visit Mom in Public Housing

September 25 2015

How Achilles Can Help Us Understand Donald Trump

September 11 2015

State of Media Culture: Cop Killer Tweeter Is New York Magazine Martyr

September 11 2015

Shonda Rhimes’ New Habit? Nuns

September 2 2015

Celebrity Diplomats Don’t Help America’s Cause

August 28 2015

When Pigs Fly

August 21 2015

The Forgotten Trump

August 14 2015

Daddy Dearest

August 10 2015

It Takes an Entourage

August 5 2015

Hillary's Jet and Other Global Climate Phonies

July 31 2015

The War on Ordinary People

July 17 2015

Sacramento School: Hey, Let's Dumb Down Education for Immigrants!

July 4 2015

Happy Postmodern Father’s Day!

June 22 2015

New Indiana Rape Law: Anti-Rapist Rather than Anti-Man

June 19 2015

Charnice Milton, An American Daughter

June 5 2015

Teen Genius Solves College Loan Conundrum that So Baffles President Obama

May 22 2015

Carly Fiorina and the F-Word

May 8 2015

FEC Hearts Hillary

April 24 2015

I Blame “Jackie”: But Rolling Stone and the Columbia J School "Sleuths" Deserve Much More Blame

April 10 2015

Like a Rolling Stone: You Don’t Have to Have Two Pulitzers Under Your Belt to Know How the Magazine Got it Wrong

March 26 2015

Hard Drives

March 12 2015

Net Neutrality Will Become the Internet’s ObamaCare

February 27 2015

College Experiment: You’re Not Doomed Without A Degree

February 13 2015

Are You Still Charlie?

January 30 2015

Our Misplaced Faith in the Magical Power of "Education"

January 16 2015

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