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Elisha Maldonado

Senior Fellow

Elisha Maldonado is a member of the New York Post editorial board where she writes on a smattering of things from government corruption, free speech and campus nonsense to her favorite topics such as Turkish politics, religion, baseball and Shia LaBeouf.

Her work has appeared in the New York Post, the Wall Street Journal, National Review/NRO, and the International Business Times.

Recent Articles:

Yes, Take Away Aung San Suu Kyi’s Congressional Medal
March 22 2018
by Elisha Maldonado

The approach the US should be taking on Turkey
February 16 2018
by Elisha Maldonado

Turkish President Erdogan Suggests that Thinking = Terrorism
January 11 2018
by Elisha Maldonado

Taiwan stands up to Beijing and its insidious election interference
January 9 2020
by Elisha Maldonado

Why disaster relief still isn’t reaching regular Puerto Ricans
October 27 2019
by Elisha Maldonado

Kanye is doing God’s work in the case of the Cowboy State
October 11 2019
by Elisha Maldonado

Beijing can’t stop Hong Kong’s thirst for freedom
September 30 2019
by Elisha Maldonado

Why is Marsha Lazareva still being held captive in Kuwait?
September 13 2019
by Elisha Maldonado

The women out to stop Puerto Rico from having its second-ever female governor
July 31 2019
by Elisha Maldonado

Young Puerto Ricans haven’t seen a government that’s not corrupt
July 29 2019
by Elisha Maldonado

Erdogan’s deathblow to Turkish democracy
May 7 2019
by Elisha Maldonado

Putting the fear of God into the Chinese Communist Party
April 12 2019
by Elisha Maldonado

Handmaid's Flail
January 4 2019
by Elisha Maldonado

Jack Dorsey's Myanmar 'meditation' missed mass horror
December 11 2018
by Elisha Maldonado

Colleges Favor Academics Over Activism
September 27 2018
by Elisha Maldonado

Turkey has a chance to oust Erdogan the tyrant
June 21 2018
by Elisha Maldonado

Bourdain vs. the Social-Justice Warriors
June 11 2018
by Elisha Maldonado

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