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Dr. Jamie Wells

Visiting Fellow

Dr. Jamie Wells, MD, FAAP, is a Board-Certified physician with over a decade of experience caring for patients and the Director of Medicine at the American Council on Science and Health. She graduated from Yale University with honors, was inducted as a junior and elected president of Jefferson Medical College's Alpha Omega Alpha National Medical Honor Society and has been named a New York Super Doctor, repeatedly, in the NY Times magazine supplement listing the top 5% of physicians in over 30 medical specialties as chosen by their peers.

A National Merit Scholar, Dr. Wells was identified for her academic excellence early on when selected by the Center for Excellence in Education (CEE) for its prestigious Research Science Institute (RSI) and featured as one of the top twenty high school students in the nation in USA Today as a recipient of their scholarship. She was president of the Yale Science and Engineering Association. In medical school, she maintained leadership positions and did research in deep brain stimulation for University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Neurosurgery. Believing she wanted to be a brain surgeon, she began her first residency in neurosurgery before switching fields.

Dr. Wells is on the Leadership Council of The Wistar Institute (the nation's first independent biomedical research facility and certified cancer center), was a grant reviewer for Komen's 2018-2019 Community Grants Program, judged the world championships for Dean Kamen’s F.I.R.S.T. robotics competition as well as Miss America’s Outstanding Teen scholarship competition - she was recently nominated and elected to be a member of its Board of Directors. She was awarded America's Top Pediatricians, America’s Top Physicians Honors of Distinction and Excellence, Compassionate Doctors Award, Patients Choice Award (honors given by patients to less than 3% of the nation's 720,000 active physicians), Doctor of Excellence (profiles world’s leading doctors demonstrating success and leadership in their profession) and been recognized for exemplary care of those with Cystic Fibrosis. For many years, she answered online questions, Ask Dr. Wells, for the Boomer Esiason Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Due to her vast knowledge in the medical realm, she writes (e.g. Neoreviews, USA Today), speaks, is on panels and interviewed as a medical expert on all media platforms (CNN, FNC, ABC News, BBC, Reuters, Al Jazeera TV, NY1, CBS, TLC, Fox Business Network, Fox 5, Parent TV, My 9, Arise TV, Discovery Health, Sirius Radio for Martha Stewart Living).

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