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Jennifer C. Braceras

Senior Fellow

Jennifer C. Braceras is a political columnist and a former Commissioner of the United States Commission on Civil Rights (2001-2007). She is thrilled to renew her association with the Independent Women’s Forum, where almost two decades ago she served as Legal Policy Fellow.

A 1994 graduate of the Harvard Law School, Braceras often writes about issues at the intersection of law, politics, and culture. Her work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, National Review Online, The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, The Washington Times, and The Weekly Standard. Much of her writing has focused on education, Title IX, media bias, and the politics of judicial nominations and confirmations. She also has a keen interest in America as an idea (particularly the notions of American Exceptionalism and the American Dream) and writes often about the things that bind us together as a people (our shared history, our civic traditions and institutions, and our devotion to liberty).

Earlier in her career, Braceras practiced labor and employment law with the Boston law firm Ropes & Gray and taught classes on civil rights and constitutional law at both Boston College Law School and Suffolk University Law School. Before becoming a lawyer, Braceras worked briefly at the Republican National Committee before taking a job as a Staff Assistant in the Office of Vice President Dan Quayle.

She currently lives in the Boston area with her husband and four children (one son and three daughters, all of whom are growing up to be very independent young women).

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