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Lori Armistead

Senior Fellow

Lori Armistead has worked for a decade as a legislative and public policy advocate advancing free market policies, with a career that includes grassroots campaigning, advocacy communications strategy, and lobbying in statehouses in across the nation.  She currently advises several companies, non-profits, and philanthropic foundations, focusing on a variety of domestic public policy issues.

A passionate believer in empowering parents with the freedom to make the right decisions for their children’s future, Armistead previously served as director of state projects at the national non-profits Alliance for School Choice and Advocates for School Choice.  Prior, she was the director of public affairs and the director of the education task force at the American Legislative Exchange Council, an organization representing more than 2,400 state legislators.  Armistead began her career serving as the legislative aide to Ohio’s then-Assistant Majority Leader Steve Buehrer.

Armistead received a bachelor’s degree in English from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio. Originally from Wauseon, Ohio, she now resides in Duluth, Georgia.


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September 16 2011

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September 12 2011
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July 12 2011

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June 16 2011

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April 19 2011

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March 22 2011

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February 22 2011
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January 24 2011
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January 20 2011

Position Paper No. 33: The Unintended Consequences of the Paycheck Fairness Act
November 9 2010

Policy Paper No. 32: The Impact of Health Reform on Businesses
October 13 2010
Hadley Heath

Position Paper No. 31: Foster-Care Opportunity Scholarships: The Benefits of Expanding Education Options to Students, Public Schools, and States
August 11 2010
Vicki E. Alger

Position Paper No. 30 Title IX and Athletics: A Case Study of Perverse Incentives and Unintended Consequences
June 15 2010
Allison Kasic

Policy Brief #29: Obama's New Engagement Policy Is Costing the U.S. Allies and Risking National Security
March 3 2010
Julie Gunlock

Policy Brief #28: The Worst Aspects of the Current Health Reform Proposals: More Taxes, Higher Costs, More Government Control, and Less Individual Freedom
January 13 2010
Nicole Kurokawa Neily

Policy Brief #27: FMLA Benefits for Part-Time Workers Would Hurt Those They Are Supposed to Help
January 6 2010
Carrie L. Lukas
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October 10 2009
Carrie L. Lukas

Policy Brief #25: Down but Not Out in D.C.: Bi-Partisan, Bi-Cameral Efforts to Continue the Opportunity Scholarship Program
August 13 2009
Vicki E. Alger

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July 23 2009
Carrie L. Lukas

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July 14 2009
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June 26 2009
Amy Watson

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June 11 2009
Carrie L. Lukas

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March 31 2009
Allison Kasic

Policy Brief #19: Hawaii's Lesson in the Perils of Universal Health Insurance
March 23 2009
Carrie L. Lukas

Policy Brief #18: Mandated Paid Sick Leave: The Wrong Medicine for Workers
March 18 2009
Carrie L. Lukas

Testimony of Michelle D. Bernard before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Education on Labor
March 4 2009

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February 26 2009
Allison Kasic

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February 12 2009
Amy Watson

Policy Brief #15: Expanding SCHIP Doesn't Fix Real Problems in U.S. Healthcare System
January 26 2009
Carrie L. Lukas

Policy Brief #14: Expanding the Family and Medical Leave Act and Other Government-mandated Leave Benefits: A Preview of the 111th Congress
January 22 2009
Carrie L. Lukas

Position Paper No. 614: Women's Concerns About Rising Prices: Why Price Controls Are Not the Answer
December 14 2008
Solveig Singleton

Advancing Women's Rights: Two Years in Iraq
December 3 2008

Position Paper No. 613: Title IX and Single-sex education
October 30 2008
Allison Kasic

Position Paper No. 612: More Than a Classroom
October 25 2008

Position Paper No. 611: Peeking Behind the Blue Ribbon
October 20 2008

Position Paper No. 610: Title IX and Athletics: A Primer
September 29 2008
Allison Kasic and Kimberly Schuld

The American Promise
September 2 2008

Position Paper No. 609: Excellence, Not Gender Parity, Should Be Priority for STEM Faculty
August 15 2008
Carrie L. Lukas

Position Paper No. 608 Studying Women and Science
May 19 2008

Position Paper No. 607: Waging Blame
February 22 2008

IWF Policy Brief #13: Congress Should Commit to Restraining Spending
February 11 2008
Carrie L. Lukas

Position Paper No. 606 Who Pays for My Time Off? The Costs and Consequences of Government-Mandated Leave
February 5 2008
Carrie L. Lukas

IWF Policy Brief #12: Women and Security in Afghanistan: Threats, Challenges, and the Continuing Response
January 25 2008

IWF Policy Brief #11: Stabilizing Afghanistan: The Case for not Legalizing Poppy Cultivation
January 23 2008

IWF Policy Brief #10: The Young Woman's Guide to Financial Independence
December 11 2007
Allison Maranuk

IWF Policy Brief #9: Ensuring Women's Rights in Iraq
November 20 2007

IWF Policy Brief #8: SCHIP Debate Isn't About the Children: It's About Our Healthcare System's Future
November 19 2007
Carrie L. Lukas

IWF Newsletter: Summer/Fall 2007
November 9 2007

IWF Newsletter: Summer/Fall 2007
November 9 2007

IWF Policy Brief #7: Chairman Charles Rangel's Plan to Penalize Marriage and Discourage Women from Working
October 26 2007
Carrie L. Lukas

IWF Policy Brief #6:When Policies Cry Wolf: A Look at Sexual Harassment Policies on Campus
October 24 2007

IWF Policy Brief #5: Senator Clinton's Plan to Expand Family and Medical Leave
October 23 2007

IWF Policy Brief #4: Eliminating the Wage Cap Won't Fix Social Security
October 6 2007
Carrie L. Lukas

IWF Policy Brief #3: Bigger Waistlines or Bigger Government? Obesity Policy in America
September 19 2007
Christie Raniszewski Herrera

Empowering Teachers with Choice: How a Diversified Education System Benefits Teachers, Students, and America
August 13 2007

IWF Policy Brief #1: Baucus-Grassley Tax Increase Could Have a Negative Effect on the Economy...and not just for the rich.
June 21 2007

Taking the Boy Crisis in Education Seriously: How School Choice Can Boost Achievement Among Boys and Girls
April 13 2007
Krista Kafer

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February 26 2007

IWF Newsletter Winter 2007
February 26 2007

Five Ways to Improve Healthcare for Women
January 31 2007

Issue 2: Indecency
January 18 2007
Solveig Singleton

Social InSecurity
October 19 2006
Allison Kasic

Summer Newsletter 2006
August 28 2006

Summer Newsletter 2006
August 28 2006

Women's Participation in the Democratic Processes in Iraq and Afghanistan: Achievments and Challenges
August 3 2006
Lida Sahar Noory

Women and the Information Technology Revolution
March 27 2006

IWF's Agenda for Women 2006
January 30 2006

Winter 2005 Newsletter
November 22 2005

Winter 2005 Newsletter
November 22 2005

The Death Tax: Unfair, Inefficient, Bad for Women
November 9 2005
Carrie L. Lukas

Rebuilding Civil Society: Marriage
October 18 2005

Cornerstones of American Democracy
July 21 2005

Capitol Hill Intern Study 2005
July 14 2005

Summer 2005 Newsletter
July 8 2005

Summer 2005 Newsletter
July 8 2005

Spring 2005 Newsletter
May 8 2005

Spring 2005 Newsletter
May 8 2005

Globalization: Threat or Opportunity to Women in the Developing World?
March 7 2005
Jo Kwong

Agenda for Women 2005
February 28 2005

Sex (Ms.) Education
February 10 2005
Carrie L. Lukas

Free Trade: What Global Girls Need
December 20 2004
Sara Cooper

Fall 2004 Newsletter
November 17 2004

Fall 2004 Newsletter
November 17 2004

Women's Economic Independence Report Card
October 22 2004
Carrie L. Lukas

Taxing Independence: The Price of Feminists' Love Affair with High Taxes
August 24 2004
Carrie L. Lukas

IWF Summer Newsletter 2004
June 29 2004

IWF Summer Newsletter 2004
June 29 2004

Recess from Reality: The Feminist Failure to Embrace School Choice
June 21 2004
Carrie L. Lukas

Golden Girl Power
April 28 2004

2004 Communications Survey of Women in Swing States Using Thematic Argumentations
April 1 2004

Making the Healthcare System Work for Women
March 18 2004

Dependency Divas: How the Feminist Big Government Agenda Betrays Women
January 30 2004
Carrie L. Lukas

Agenda for Women 2004
January 26 2004

How to Make Health Insurance Work for Women
December 17 2003

IWF Special Report: Women and Islam
December 10 2003
Melana Zyla Vickers

Lying in a Room of One's Own
June 1 2002
Christine Stolba

Hooking Up, Hanging Out, and Hoping for Mr. Right
July 26 2001

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