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Rachel DiCarlo Currie

Senior Fellow

Rachel DiCarlo Currie has more than a decade of experience working at the intersection of communications and public policy. From 2009 to 2013, she worked for the U.S. Senate leadership as chief speechwriter for Senator Jon Kyl, the Republican Whip. Before that, she served as managing editor of the Hudson Institute. She has also been a Robert Novak journalism fellow and an assistant editor at the Weekly Standard magazine.

Her bylined writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Weekly Standard, National Review, the Washington Times, Books and Culture, the Washington Examiner, and other publications.

Rachel’s main interests include U.S. economic policy, social mobility, and the relationship between culture and prosperity. She holds a B.S. in English literature, and lives with her family in Bethesda, Maryland.

Recent Articles:

Confronting America’s Drug-Overdose Epidemic
February 1 2016

Cosmopolitan America vs. Traditionalist America
January 29 2016

Why Trump Happened
January 20 2016

Islam, Europe, and Us
January 13 2016

A Serious Immigration Debate
December 15 2015

Remembering Fred Thompson
November 6 2015

Obesity and the Limits of Public Policy
October 28 2015

Does Inequality Harm U.S. Economic Growth?
October 28 2015

Bernie Sanders' Denmark
October 16 2015

The Other Gender Gap
October 16 2015

Beyond the Headlines: Jobs Numbers
October 9 2015

Some Perspective on Today’s Political Debates
August 20 2015

The Marriage Gap and the Opportunity Gap
June 16 2015

Boys without Fathers
May 15 2015

Ben Bernanke vs. the Wall Street Journal
May 8 2015

Maverick Democrat Alice Rivlin on Real Fiscal Reforms
April 30 2015

The Lesson of Baltimore
April 29 2015

Measuring Long-Term Income Growth
April 2 2015

A Crucial Caveat on Middle-Class Incomes
March 26 2015

Fresh Housing Trouble Ahead?
March 23 2015

Beware of Dodgy Income Data
March 18 2015

A Jolly Good Fellowes
March 6 2015

The Real Significance of Bibi’s Speech
March 3 2015

The GOP’s Keystone Kops Routine
March 3 2015

President Obama’s Dishonesty on Immigration
February 24 2015

The Disinvitation Dinner
February 19 2015

Empowerment: Feminists for Tiny Bikinis?
February 19 2015

A Strategy for Countering Obama’s Amnesty
January 30 2015

Mitt Romney and the 2016 Economic Debate
January 15 2015

The Trouble with Infrastructure Spending
October 31 2014

Rebuilding the Marriage Culture
October 31 2014

The “Too Big to Fail” Advantage
October 28 2014

China’s “Dysfunctional Growth Model”
October 23 2014

On Greenspan, Geithner, and Dodd-Frank
October 23 2014

Waiting for Obama’s Unilateral Amnesty
October 16 2014

Escaping the Boom-Bust Cycle
October 16 2014

ObamaCare and Working Women
October 15 2014

Reality Check on Jobs
October 7 2014

The State of the Jobs Recovery
October 3 2014

Marriage and Poverty
October 2 2014

Unleashing American Oil Exports
September 29 2014

More on the Tragedy of Long-Term Unemployment
September 26 2014

Where Syria and Iraq Could Be Headed
September 24 2014

Is Wage Stagnation the New Normal?
September 24 2014

How Many Jobs Are We Missing?
September 22 2014

President Obama Doesn’t Get It
September 22 2014

Chinese Water Torture and the Federal Budget
September 15 2014

Some Perspective on the Economy
September 11 2014

Repeal the Corporate-Income Tax?
September 9 2014

Yes, the Labor Market Is Still Weak
September 3 2014

Why We Need Whopper-Sized Tax Reform
August 27 2014

Are Democratic Presidents Better for the Economy?
August 26 2014

A Bold Way to Boost Saving
August 25 2014

A Constitutional Pandora’s Box
August 21 2014

Permanent Landlords?
August 15 2014

Nullifying Congress -- and the Constitution
August 8 2014

President Obama: An Assault on the Constitution?
August 4 2014

About That Awful GDP Report
June 27 2014

Economic Uncertainty and the Hiring Delay
June 23 2014

Resetting the Obama Foreign Policy
June 19 2014

The Tricky Business of Defining Unemployment
June 13 2014

The Economy Is Still Far from Healthy
June 11 2014

Inequality and Life Expectancy
June 6 2014

Bloomberg Stands Up for Academic Freedom
June 5 2014

More Problems with Piketty
May 30 2014

Why the World Needs American Power
May 28 2014

Missing Workers and Missing Growth
May 23 2014

The Authoritarian Temptation
May 22 2014

Will Housing Boost the Recovery?
May 20 2014

The ObamaCare Squeeze
May 5 2014

Why Piketty Gets Inequality Wrong
May 1 2014

Thomas Piketty and the Inequality Debate
April 28 2014

Why the Obama Stimulus Disappointed
March 31 2014

The Meaning of Religious Freedom
March 27 2014

“Ban Bossy” and the Gender Gap
March 21 2014

Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey: What the Numbers Tell Us
March 14 2014

Where Have All the Workers Gone?
March 12 2014

A Better Way to Boost Incomes
March 7 2014

Marriage and Mobility
January 24 2014

Why Is the Poverty Rate Still So High? Part II
January 16 2014

Why Is the Poverty Rate Still So High?
January 15 2014

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