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October 1 2009

I’m from Hollywood, and I’m Here to Help

Nicole Kurokawa Neily

A few weeks ago, Moveon.org funded a celebrity-laden PSA to promote a "strong public health insurance option." (It served the dual purpose of breaking me of my Mad Men addiction - why, Don Draper, why must you support flawed policy?)

In response, a counter-PSA was created to highlight who the real experts in this debate are: overpaid celebrities. One exchange points out: "When the public option runs out of ‘money,' all the government has to do is raise money on working families. What's so un-American about paying higher taxes? Time to be patriotic."

As the ad concludes: they may not be real doctors, but they play one on TV. Unless the script calls for like, a nurse, or a lawyer. Vampires are pretty popular these days, too.

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