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November 30 2009

The Joys of Single-Payer Health Care

Nicole Kurokawa Neily

Remember that health care system in Britain that some elected officials so desperately want to emulate (some even acknowledge that the public option is just a stealth way to get to a single-payer system)? As IWF has said all along, it's not all it's cracked up to be.

From BBC News:

Failure to pick up cancer at an early stage costs the lives of up to 10,000 a year in England, the government's cancer tsar says.

National Cancer Director Professor Mike Richards described the situation as "unacceptable".

Currently, 90% of patients are diagnosed by symptoms, rather than through screening.

Professor Richards' comments will feature in a forthcoming article in the British Journal of Cancer.

In the piece, Professor Richards says: "These delays in the patient presenting with symptoms and cancer being diagnosed at a late stage inevitably costs lives.

"The situation is unacceptable so the first big step has been to understand why the delays occur."

Delays in detection and treatment are inevitable under a system where the government controls the nation's health care system, because controlling costs is (and will be here if it is allowed to pass) a key priority. The government dictates all aspects of citizens' access to certain services and treatments, including the location and size of treatment centers.

And don't forget, the Lancet Oncology, a prominent health care trade journal, demonstrated in a 2008 study that the five-year survival rate from breast cancer in the United States is 83.9%; the five-year survival rate in the United Kingdom is 69.8%.

I'm all for free trade, but this is one thing we do NOT want to import from the UK.

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