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November 20 2009

Reform at What Price?

Nicole Kurokawa Neily

Senator Reid's long-awaited Senate bill was unveiled Wednesday evening (sadly, he did not have flag bearers at his release like Madam Speaker did at her press conference.)

 Coming in at a hefty 2,024 pages and 371,949 words, the bill "officially" costs $849 billion (with some pretty faulty assumptions built in, like how doctors' reimbursement rates will be slashed beginning in 2011.) For those of you keeping score at home, that comes out to over $400 million per page, or $2.3 million per word!

Americans for Tax Reform has compiled a handy list of all the tax hikes in the bill that I recommend highly. The sheer scope of the taxes is staggering - there are an awful lot of taxes being collected for a bill that's supposed to "save" the American people money! All those people who said that Congress' plan would not be a government takeover of health care must feel pretty stupid right about now...

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