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June 8 2012

School Sponsored Beer-A-Day Policy to Help Fight Obesity

Julie Gunlock

Now this is some good news--especially for the kids in New York City public schools!

A new study says a molecule in beer is a "miracle anti-obesity antedote," helps with muscle strength, and might even legthen lifespan.  The study was conduced on mice, some of whom were fed the molecule over a ten-week period. The mice that received the molecule performed better than those who did not.  The best part is that there were no adverse side effects observed in the mice.

Looks like it's time Mayor Bloomberg issued a mandatory "Beer-A-Day" policy in all public schools.  After all, if he's going to ban the beverages that supposedly cause obesity, perhaps he should start promoting (and requiring we all drink) the beverages that helps fight fat.

That might be a Bloomberg beverage policy I could get behind.

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