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June 16 2012

New Meal Plan for Laid Off Teachers-of-the-Year?

Vicki E. Alger

Teachers union policies in California are contributing to excellent teachers (including one Teacher of the Year) being laid off. Meanwhile, a Pennsylvania cafeteria workers union is savoring its victory last week to, as The Tribune-Review put it, “engage in on-the-job dumpster diving.” Cafeteria employees at the Sharpsville Area School District in Mercer County may eat—at no charge—leftovers students didn’t want or prepared but near-expired food that would otherwise be discarded.  Alas, the union did not win the right to bring reheated chicken nuggets home.

Perhaps laid off Teachers-of-the-Year and out-of-work runners-up could arrange a meal-sharing plan so unemployed teachers could eat public school cafeteria leftovers, too. Of course, in the case of California teachers, chicken nuggets and non-organic veggies might be banned.  

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