October 22 2012

Confusing, Costly and Contentious

Carrie L. Lukas

Obamacare's relentless march to full-fledged introduction in 2014 demonstrates that, for all its good intentions, it will make the health care system more confusing (see above), costly and contentious. It won't control health spending -- the system's main problem -- and will weaken job creation.

That’s Robert Samuelson’s devastating assessment of ObamaCare.  He focuses on the IRS’s new guidance as to what constitutes a part-time work and government’s difficult dance of trying to force employers to pay for health insurance while also not encouraging them to eliminate part-time and low-skill jobs.  The bottom line:  ObamaCare will be a costly job-killer that makes our medical system worse not better. 

Be sure to read the whole piece.

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