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November 29 2012

A New Not Never, Again Food List

Vicki E. Alger

Just in time for the holidays and New Year’s resolution season: Readers Digest has a massive list of foods you should never buy again—starting with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. Most of the items made Readers Digest No, Never Again list because of their cost, others like hot dogs and  multi-grain bread (which RD called “junk food masquerading in a healthy disguise”), are considered unhealthy.

This one, though, really caught my attention:

Foods made of WOOD: Take a look at the ingredient list for your high-fiber cereal or snack bar, and you'll probably see an ingredient called "cellulose." Turns out that cellulose is a code word for "wood pulp." Food manufacturers use it to extend their products and add fiber, so it looks like you’re getting more food. But really you’re just left with a mouthful of wood shavings.

I may not be ready to give up some things on the list, but not gobbling up wood pulp is high on my list.

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