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March 13 2013

Real War on Women: Libyan Women Still Struggle for Freedom

Emily Wismer


According to the Associated Press, women in Libya increasingly face violence and restricted freedoms. A recent article describes one woman’s struggles:

“On her way back from her job as a lecturer at a university near Tripoli, Libyan poet Aicha Almagrabi was stopped by a group of bearded militiamen. They kicked her car, beat up her driver and threatened to do the same to her. Her offense: being alone in a car with men without a male relative as a guardian…"I said, I teach male students, so should I bring a male guardian with me to classroom?" she told The Associated Press… Almagrabi said one student recently told her she shouldn't be giving lectures because a woman's voice is "awra" — too intimate and shameful to be exposed in public.”

To learn more about Almagrabi’s cause and the real war on Libyan women, click here.

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