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September 30 2013

What’s Reasonable When It Comes to ObamaCare?

Carrie L. Lukas

The biggest game in Washington right now isn’t over funding the government so much as who is to be blamed for a government shutdown.

The President and his allies are working to paint Republicans as entirely unreasonable.  Yet the latest offer from the GOP sure doesn’t seem out of bounds. 

Consider just a few ways that the law has been changed without Congressional approval so far:  The Administration has chosen to delay the implementation of major provisions such as the employer mandate; its granting waivers to friends in a seemingly arbitrary process; its changed how Congressional staff are treated under the law, and announcing that they won’t be able to verify income eligibility for subsidies.   One doesn’t have to be a Right wing zealot to believe that the system would be better off if there was a one-year delay in implementation. 

The media seems ready to buy the Administration’s line that Congressional Republicans are being unreasonable.  Yet most Americans would agree that a Timeout on ObamaCare is common sense.  

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