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August 21 2014

More from the Public School System: Teen Says He Was Suspended for Killing a Dinosaur...

Charlotte Hays

Forget the kid who was sent home from school for biting his pop tart into the shape of a gun: a teen-aged boy has just been suspended and arrested for shooting a dinosaur. Alex Stone, 16, shot the dinosaur in a short story he wrote.

Reason reports:

Summerville High School in Summerville, South Carolina, is wasting no time: A 16-year-old student was arrested and suspended for writing a story in which he used a gun to kill a dinosaur.

The student, Alex Stone, was assigned by a teacher to write a story about himself. Stone chose to embellish his story with obviously fictional details, like dinosaurs. But the teacher saw the word "gun" and the rest is history, according to NBC-12.

Young Stone was charged with disorderly conduct and suspended for the entire week. Alex’s mother helpfully pointed out that dinosaurs are extinct and Alex is too young to buy a gun.

But you can’t be too careful.

This Just In: A statement from the local police says that Alex was disorderly and that the dinosaur story was not the reason he was arrest; family lawyer cries "polical correctness."

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