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October 10 2018

Celebrating a Fierce Female: Nikki Haley

by Ericka Andersen Sylvester

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, one of fiercest women visible on the American political scene, surprised nearly everyone when she announced her resignation yesterday. Haley said that after two years serving our country she is ready for a break from public service and hushed aLL rumors about A potential presidential run in 2020 or beyond. She leaves her position with a sterling reputation and recent polling show she is liked bipartisanly.

At a press conference yesterday, President Donald Trump said she "has done an incredible job...she's also somebody that gets it."

Here at Independent Women's Forum, we are big fans of Haley's leadership and are excited to honor her as our "Woman of Valor" at our Annual Awards Gala next month.  

We aim to celebrate strong, independent-minded women who stand up for what's right -- and Haley exemplifies that in her personal and professional life. Check out our Gala from last year here: 

Register to attend the gala here and share this graphic on social media to show your support for this fantastic role model!


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