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April 12 2019

How Fox New's Meteorologist Janice Dean Keeps It Positive

by Beverly Hallberg

On this episode of "She Thinks," we focus on how to cultivate and maintain resiliency. Janice Dean, Senior Meteorologist at Fox News, joins the podcast to talk about her new memoir (and recent New York Times bestseller!) “Mostly Sunny” and how she keeps smiling no matter what life throws her way. 

We discuss Janice’s battle with Multiple Sclerosis, how she exposed sexual harassment before it was safe to do so, her thoughts on the #MeToo movement, and the struggles women face with body image. Known for her humor and quick wit, Dean doesn’t hold back in her book or on this podcast. If you’re going through trials and need encouragement, you’ll find it in this episode! As she says, “What doesn’t kill you makes you blonder.” Enjoy!

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