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March 16 2011

IWF in the News: The Brackets Presidency?

Sabrina Schaeffer

President Obama's apparent disconnect from the global crises this week has raised eyebrows because this is a White House that has continually misread the feelings and concerns of the American public. Take a moment to review the litany of out-of-touch moments: Obama's decision to send his daughters to an elite private school, while cutting the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program; his embrace of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez; his fumbling of the Henry Louis Gates debacle; first lady Michelle Obama's lavish trip to Spain; Obama's stumbling response to the Ground Zero Mosque controversy.

Then this week - amidst the turmoil in Libya, the crisis in Japan, and the budget-battle here at home - President Obama chose to talk about "gender inequality" (here in America!) for his weekly radio address.

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) told CNN on Sunday, "the president's establishing priorities." Indeed. But, it looks like the American public is growing increasingly concerned about those priorities.

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