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June 28 2011

IWF in the News: Are Hill Democrats Hypocritical on Campaign Cash?

Sabrina Schaeffer

Democrats claim the issue over campaign fundraising is that there is too much money in politics; but it's actually just the opposite. There's too much power in government.

Washington regulates everything and has the power to pick winners and losers. In an environment like this, special interests naturally want to try to affect the direction of policy decisions lawmakers like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid help direct.

The Democratic leadership may have pushed for a "crackdown on campaign fundraising," but their rhetoric and efforts were disingenuous. In reality, their objections to campaign financing had nothing to do with money; they had everything to do with controlling free speech. I guess now that there's a real threat of losing the White House in 2012, they realize they need more freedom - not less - to get their message out.

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