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May 20 2015

Good Advice for Women Who’ve Graduated

National Review
Carrie L. Lukas

On Forbes, Carrie Lukas of Independent Women’s Forum has an excellent piece entitled Seven Things College Women Should Know For Life After Graduation. Carrie’s description of her page is: I debunk the myth that women want and benefit from big government. This piece fits in perfectly.

I particularly like the sixth of her points, which is that women should beware of the promises made by professors who are eager to promote that myth. She writes, “Many likely encouraged you to think that those who question progressive policies or support conservative principles are part of the ‘war on women.’ That’s not an accurate representation of the political debate that takes place in the United States. Those who believe in less government spending and regulation do so because they believe that these policies lead to superior outcomes and help both women and men prosper.” Right. A great many women who have sat through courses in “Women’s Studies” and other grievance-mongering classes need to hear that.

Read the whole thing — then share with any female college grads you know. (And it wouldn’t hurt men to read it.)


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