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July 21 2015

'Is this your arugula in the trash, sir?'

One News Now
Julie Gunlock

An ordinance in Seattle bans people living in the city from throwing food and compostable items in the trash. Sanitation workers are required to look through garbage and report violators to Seattle Public Utilities.

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The Pacific Legal Foundation filed a lawsuit (see video below) on behalf of eight residents of Seattle, saying it violates privacy protections.

Julie Gunlock, senior fellow at the Independent Women's Forum, agrees it is a violation of privacy. 

"It might be something viewed as good policy but the government has no business forcing people to do this kind of stuff," Gunlock tells OneNewsNow.

There could be educational campaigns, or insist it's good for the community, she says, "but they should not be forcing people to do this."

According to KIROTV.com, violators are currently issued tags reminding them of the law, tags that an attorney with Pacific Justice Foundation calls "shame tags" meant to publicly embarrass residents. 

KIROTV.com also reports that a small fine will eventually be imposed on residents, while owners of multi-family and commercial properties will be hit with a $50 fine.

Asked about the tags and fines, Gunlock says such tactics "turn people off" to such efforts.

"Again, I really hope the lawsuit is successful," she says. 

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