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October 6 2016

# 3 First World Parents: Parental Regret And Entitled, Pampered Children

featuring Julie Gunlock and Cam Edwards

In this episode of The Bespoke Parenting Hour, Cam and Julie talk about the Marie Claire Magazine article that went viral this week highlighting moms who regret having kids. Is this the same indulgent, narcissistic, first-world problems that have become common in our culture? Or is it a legitimate issue that needs attention. Cam and Julie agree that these women need to grow up and accept their responsibilities as mothers--for their kids' sake. Also, Cam explains why giving chores to kids is important to their development as responsible adults and Julie asks and why so few kids are actually assigned chores. Lastly, Julie explains what it means to be a "reasonable mom" and invites listeners to an event being held in Washington, DC on October 19th. Tune in to hear more details.

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