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February 3 2017

Podcast #68 Sifting Through Food Alarmism To Find Real Facts

featuring Julie Gunlock

On this episode, Julie Gunlock and Amanda Zaluckyj, founder of the blog The Farmers Daughter talk about an upcoming event in St Louis on which they will both appear.

Americans continue to get mixed messages about food and nutrition. Consumers are increasingly having trouble finding reliable information. The all-star panel will address food fears and how to sift through the alarmism to find science-based information to complex nutrition and agriculture issues.

Panelists will tackle the following questions: What are the origins of food fears? How have food fears altered consumer behaviors? Why are women targeted for fear-based marketing strategies? What can the science, medical, agricultural, and academic communities to do help provide consumers better information?

RSVP HERE: www.eventbrite.com/e/food-and-fear…ets-31064105576

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