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September 7 2017

Statement: The Trumps Promote Modern Policy Solution to Provide All Families With Relief

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Independent Women’s Forum applauds special advisor to the president Ivanka Trump and President Trump for recognizing the importance of passing tax reform to ease the burden on families raising children. Ivanka Trump said this week that child care is “central to the campaign and remains a key priority for this administration.”

“Ivanka Trump got it exactly right when she called for giving parents more tax relief," said IWF President Carrie Lukas. "For too long, Washington has been focused on creating new government programs to take over parenting tasks or provide specific services to select groups of parents.  But that approach fails to recognize that families have very different needs."

Lukas continued, "An increase in the child tax credit will help all parents by letting them keep more of their earnings to spend as they know is best for their families.  This should be a policy idea that has broad, bipartisan support.”

Raising a child in America is more expensive than ever before, and for many famliies, child care is their largest monthly expsense – exceeding housing. IWF released Straight Talk About Child Care video to highlight the best way to ease the burden on parents while creating a vibrant marketplace of child-care options. This would ensure families could make the choices that work best for them—whether that’s high-quality, affordable child care, a parent staying home, or enlisting a friend or relative to help.

Straight Talk About Child Care explains why rolling back counterproductive red tape and providing financial relief to families – through expanded child-care tax benefits - would ensure greater support, flexibility, and control for all parents.

IWF’s Working for Women report, released last year, presents a slate of policy reforms to improve the lives of women – including policy solutions to help parents care for children.



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