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September 27 2018

A Tale of Two Cities: A Snapshot of Washington D.C. On the Historic Kavanaugh-Ford Hearing Day

Glamour Magazine
featuring Patrice Lee Onwuka

9:11 A.M. - A pro-Kavanaugh rally organized by groups including Independent Women’s Forum and Concerned Women for America is well underway at a grassy park near the Russell Senate Office Building.

A mixed-gender crowd listens to speakers, gathering in support of the judge while sporting “I Stand With Brett” t-shirts and waving printed “Confirm Kavanaugh” signs. One bright yellow handmade placard demands: “Stop the Con Game.”

Patrice Onwuka, 36, a senior policy analyst for IWF, tells Glamour her group takes “allegations of sexual assault very seriously. No woman should be raped or molested or touched against her will. She should be able to get justice. She should be able to get closure. She should even be able to get heard.” However, Onwuka continues, “we also take seriously the idea of due process, and the bedrock principle in our criminal justice system of the presumption of innocence.”



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