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April 11 2012

Everything I Need to Know about Love, I Learned from Jane Austen

IWF hosted a book forum on April 11:

Everything I Need to Know about Love, 
I Learned from Jane Austen
All successful Jane Austen heroines share one goal. In love, they look for happiness.  Can the 21st century woman - and man - learn to be happy in love? 
Wednesday, April 11
Reception: 5:30
Panel Discussion: 6:00
Dezenhall Resources 
 1130 Connecticut Ave NW 
Suite 600 


A discussion of Elizabeth Kantor's new book, 


Elizabeth Kantor, Regnery Publishing 
 Jim Bowman, Ethics and Public Policy Center 
 Danielle Frum, Huffington Post 
 Kim Gandy, The Feminist Majority 

 Sabrina Schaeffer, IWF 

  Panelists (from left): Kim Gandy, Jim Bowman, Danielle Crittenden, and Elizabeth Kantor



Panelists and IWF Executive Director Sabrina Schaeffer



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