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Glamour: How the Women at the Heart of the Impeachment Trial Make It Work

January 28 2020

Various women on the Left involved in the impeachment proceedings are glamorized through flattering "how they make it work" interviews.

Vogue: Ivanka Trump Criticizes People for Doing Something Donald Trump Does All the Time

January 28 2020

Ivanka Trump is once again mocked for defending her father, after the CNN clip stereotyping Trump supporters.

The Federalist: ‘Ya’ll Elitists Are Dumb’: CNN Creates Yet Another Unintended Ad For Trump

January 28 2020

CNN clip stereotypes supposedly dumb, Southern Trump supporters.

Elle: Mrs. America Tells The Origin Story Of "How We Became Such A Divided Nation"

January 22 2020

Cate Blanchett talks about her new role as the housewife and mother, Phyllis Schlafly, spinning Schlafly's movement as anti-woman

Vanity Fair: Trump Attacks Greta Thunberg At Davos, Then Claims He Doesn't "Know Anything About Her"

January 21 2020

Disregarding President Trump's important speech on economic flourishing at the World Economic Conference, Vanity Fair paints it as simply a continuation of his "feud with a child."

Cosmopolitan: Literally Everything You Ned To Know About the Equal Rights Amendment

January 19 2020

Cosmo panders to the lie that woman are not granted equal rights as men under the Constitution and claims that the ERA is uncontroversial while painting anti-ERA advocates as outdated and sexist.

Glamour: The Women's March 2020 Is This Weekend. Go, So You Don't Have to Go Next Year

January 17 2020

Glamour tries to publicize and glamorize the Women's March as taking a stand against all the "harm" that women have experienced under our current administration, framing the issue as a women under attack and fighting back.

Vogue: The Week in Washington: "Out Great American Forces Are Prepared for Anything"

January 12 2020

Following the death of a dangerous terrorist, Vogue describes the President as sniffing and stumbling through a speech.

Elle: 20 Women Of Color In Politics To Watch In 2020

January 3 2020

Elle lists the women to watch in 2020, including Linda Sarsour despite her repeated anti-semitism.

Elle: After Trump, Melanie D'Arrigo Helped Get Democrats Elected. After Kavanaugh, She Decided To Run.

December 12 2019

Elle profiles yet another female Democrat running for office, inspired by the "infringement" or "violation" or women's rights in this administration.

The Hollywood Reporter: Alicia Key Highlights Mueller Report, Hosting Grammys in Musical 2019 Recap

December 10 2019

Alicia Keys used her appearance as guest host of The Late Late Show to take a shot at President Trump while recapping the year in song.

Elle: The 'Be Best' Holiday White House Has Nothing On Kim and Kanye's Whoville

December 6 2019

Elle bundles Kim and Kanye into the ridicule for holiday decorations that started with the White House.

Elle: Here's Princess Anne Mocking Trump With World Leaders And Sassing The Queen

December 4 2019

Elle and others all praise Princess Anne for refusing to greet President Trump at a reception at Buckingham Palace.

Vogue: Trudeau Gossiping About Trump Will Look Familiar If You've Ever Had a Job

December 4 2019

Vogue delights in other NATO-summit members caught on camera discussing Trump at a Buckingham Palace event.

Glamour: Melania Trump's 'Ridiculous' Coat Has People Talking

December 4 2019

Glamour dives into the dicussion around Melania Trump's coat when displaying the new White House Christmas decorations.

Elle: Your Guide To Who's Running For President In 2020

December 3 2019

Glamour, after running profiles exclusively on Democratic presidential candidates for weeks, finally includes Republican candidates but features President Trump far down the line.

The Washington Post: Melania Trump’s Christmas decorations are lovely, but that coat looks ridiculous

December 2 2019

The Washington Post writes that Melania's Trump's coat " looks ridiculous." Can you imagine if something this disrespectful was said about former First Lady Michelle Obama?

BlogHer Twitter: "#HappyBirthday to our favorite content queen, @chrissyteigen!"

November 30 2019

BlogHer, which claims to champion women who support other women, refers to Chrissy Teigen as their "favorite content queen" despite the fact that she recently referred to Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) as "trash" on Twitter. Is calling another woman “trash” consistent with a women supporting women message?

Project Forever Free: Massive Double Standard in Coverage and Reaction to White Moms Demanding Gun Control and Black Moms Demanding Better Schools

November 27 2019

Project Forever Free describes the striking difference between how the media treats black and white mom advocacy groups.

Vogue: Donald Trump Takes Credit for Women's Suffrage Coin

November 26 2019

Instead of celebrating the commemorative women's suffrage coin, Vogue writes an article critical of President Trump

Elle: Watch Donald Trumo Explain How A Dog Works

November 25 2019

President Trump is ridiculed after his honoring of the dog that participated in the raid on ISIS leader Bu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Twitter: Chrissy Teigen and Andy Lassner bully Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) on Twitter.

November 18 2019

Chrissy Teigen calls Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) "trash" on Twitter and Andy Lassner, executive producer of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, tweets fire emojis in support of Teigen's cruel attack.

Vanity Fair: Kanye, Trump, And The Battle For The White House

November 18 2019

Vanity Fair hosts DeRay Mckesson in an interview discussing how to protest the Trump Administration and reasons to drop Kanye and Kim, both of whom have worked with the White House.

Vanity Fair: "He's F--king Destroyed This Town": How Mark Zuckerberg Became The Most Reviled Mane In Tech

November 18 2019

Mark Zuckerberg is reviled as power-hungry CEO who's destroying Silicon Valley--all because he stood up for Free Speech.

Vanity Fair: Donald Trump Jr.'s Girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Thinks Online Dating Is For Losers

November 18 2019

Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend are belittled and criticized for mishandling a Q&A session and for Donald Jr.'s new book, Triggered.

Scott McDonnell on Twitter: Medical Professionals Standing in Solidarity at Boston Medical Center in Protest of First Lady Melania Trumps Visit

November 11 2019

Medical professionals at Boston Medical Center protest the visit by First Lady Melania Trump to participate in a cuddle program for babies born on drugs.

Glamour: The Women Changing Presidential Campaigns From The Inside

November 5 2019

Glamour interviews different female campaign staffers, highlighting the growing female leadership, but fails to interview any conservative women.

Vanity Fair: Ivanka Trump Thinks Democracy Is For Losers

November 5 2019

Ivanka Trump is ridiculed for defending her father in a Twitter post.

Glamour: Meet the 2019 Glamour Women of the Year

October 24 2019

Glamour releases it's "Women of the Year" list, focusing solely on women who advanced leftist policies.

Elle: GOP Drama Queens Stage A Pizza Party Sit-In At Impeachment Hearing

October 24 2019

Elle downplays the statement made by GOP congressmen in their storming of the continued closed-door impeachment hearings by treating it like a temper tantrum instead of the problematic situation it protests.

People: Meet PEOPLE's Women Changing the World in 2019

October 18 2019

People releases a list of women it says are changing the world, but only includes women from the Left, highlighting three of the Democratic presidential candidates among others.

Vanity Fair: Melania Trump Is Building Something Too

October 14 2019

Vanity Fair mocks Melania Trump as she breaks ground on a tennis pavilion at the White House, saying she and her husband never let "things like morality or the market get in the way."

Elle: Rep. Matt Gaetz Thinks Kangaroo Courts Are Run By Captain Kangaroo

October 14 2019

Rep. Matt Gaetz is belittled as an imbecile when he makes comments concerning the "kangaroo courts" of the Democrats in the impeachment inquiries. Would Elle publish this kind of story about a nonconservative Member of Congress?

Vanity Fair: Melania Trump and the Big Rafting Adventure

October 14 2019

When describing a trip First Lady Melania Trump took to visit with Boy Scouts as a part of her Be Best campaign, Vanity Fair ridicules her and depicts her as a mindless woman who is totally subservient to her husband.

Twitter: Planned Parenthood Protester Wishes that a Pro-Life Woman Get Raped.

October 3 2019

A woman who supports abortion tells a pro-life woman she hopes “someone holds you down and rapes you” and the media fails to denounce it or even report it. Can you imagine if a conservative woman said something like this?

The Guardian: Why Ivanka Trump’s New Haircut Should Make Us Very Afraid

October 3 2019

Ivanka Trump's hair cut is mocked by The Guardian, The Daily Beast, Salon, and Refinery29.

BuzzFeed News: CNN Is Not Renewing A Political Reporter’s TV Deal After She Got A New Job Running A Conservative News Site

October 3 2019

CNN decides not to renew Eliana Johnson’s contract after she accepts job as editor-in-chief for the Washington Free Beacon.

Airtasker: Discrimination in the Workplace

August 20 2019

In a survey conducted by the marketing firm Airtasker, 1 in 5 managers say they refuse to hire somebody who supports President Trump.

Elle: Meghan McCain Is Having a Bad Week

August 19 2019

When featuring Meghan McCain on the cover of the August edition, Elle uses the headline 'Meghan McCain is having a bad week' to describe the death of her father and the loss of her pregnancy.

CNN: Equinox: Trump fundraiser Stephen Ross doesn't run our company

August 19 2019

Equinox assumes all of its members, who hold various political views, are outraged that Stephen Ross hosted a political fundraiser for President Trump. Sends an open letter apologizing for the "impact it has had on our community." Would an investment firm ever feel the need to apologize like this for one of its affiliates holding a fundraiser for President Obama?

The Federalist: My Son’s Freshman Orientation At Virginia Tech Was Full Of Leftist Propaganda

August 19 2019

At its Fall 2019 orientation, Virginia Tech assumes all students and parents share progressive or leftist viewpoints.

The New Yorker: The Case of Al Franken

July 31 2019

Would the mainstream media ever try to rehabilitate a conservative after being denied due process the way Jane Mayer tries to rehabilitate former senator Al Franken?

The Economist : Can fashion keep up with 21st-century trends?

July 31 2019

When asked about First Lady Melania Trump's fashion sense, Vogue editor Anna Wintour ignores the question and makes it all about former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Twitter: Her husband routinely attacks reporters

July 4 2019

Maggie Haberman, White House correspondent for The New York Times and a political analyst for CNN, tweets that Katharine Gorka shouldn't be named as Customs and Border Protection press secretary because her husband has criticized reporters in the past

The Daily Wire: Kyle Kashuv's Harvard Acceptance Is Rescinded. Ralph Northam Is Still Governor. The Rules Are Not Applied Equally.

July 4 2019

As a college student, Ralph Northam appeared in blackface. He apologized and remained the governor of VA. Conservative and gun rights advocate Kyle Kashuv's Harvard admission was rescinded over racially inappropriate comments he made as a 16 year old. He also apologized but was not given a second chance.

Glamour: Meet Glamour’s 2019 College Women of the Year

June 11 2019

Glamour names 10 female college students as "Glamour’s 2019 College Women of the Year." The women who discuss their political beliefs in the article clearly identify as Liberal. Not included? A single conservative perspective.