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Elle: 20 Women Of Color In Politics To Watch In 2020

January 3 2020

Elle lists the women to watch in 2020, including Linda Sarsour despite her repeated anti-semitism.

Elle: Your Guide To Who's Running For President In 2020

December 3 2019

Glamour, after running profiles exclusively on Democratic presidential candidates for weeks, finally includes Republican candidates but features President Trump far down the line.

Project Forever Free: Massive Double Standard in Coverage and Reaction to White Moms Demanding Gun Control and Black Moms Demanding Better Schools

November 27 2019

Project Forever Free describes the striking difference between how the media treats black and white mom advocacy groups.

Yahoo: Michelle Obama, Serena Williams and Sandra Oh are all superheroes, according to this new comic-book-style celebration

November 18 2019

"The Real Life Superwomen Project" highlights trailblazing women but fails to include a single conservative women in the list.

Glamour Magazine: A Guide to All the Celebrity Endorsements for the 2020 Presidential Election

November 11 2019

Glamour publishes flattering profiles of the celebrity endorsements for Democratic presidential hopefuls.

Glamour: The Women Changing Presidential Campaigns From The Inside

November 5 2019

Glamour interviews different female campaign staffers, highlighting the growing female leadership, but fails to interview any conservative women.

Cosmopolitan: Cosmopolitan Glamorizes Democrats, Leaves GOP Out in Politics Landing Page

November 4 2019

Cosmopolitan idolizes Democratic women with a hero image on their politics landing page.

Glamour: Meet the 2019 Glamour Women of the Year

October 24 2019

Glamour releases it's "Women of the Year" list, focusing solely on women who advanced leftist policies.

People: Meet PEOPLE's Women Changing the World in 2019

October 18 2019

People releases a list of women it says are changing the world, but only includes women from the Left, highlighting three of the Democratic presidential candidates among others.

Airtasker: Discrimination in the Workplace

August 20 2019

In a survey conducted by the marketing firm Airtasker, 1 in 5 managers say they refuse to hire somebody who supports President Trump.

CNN: Equinox: Trump fundraiser Stephen Ross doesn't run our company

August 19 2019

Equinox assumes all of its members, who hold various political views, are outraged that Stephen Ross hosted a political fundraiser for President Trump. Sends an open letter apologizing for the "impact it has had on our community." Would an investment firm ever feel the need to apologize like this for one of its affiliates holding a fundraiser for President Obama?

The Federalist: My Son’s Freshman Orientation At Virginia Tech Was Full Of Leftist Propaganda

August 19 2019

At its Fall 2019 orientation, Virginia Tech assumes all students and parents share progressive or leftist viewpoints.

The New Yorker: The Case of Al Franken

July 31 2019

Would the mainstream media ever try to rehabilitate a conservative after being denied due process the way Jane Mayer tries to rehabilitate former senator Al Franken?

The Economist : Can fashion keep up with 21st-century trends?

July 31 2019

When asked about First Lady Melania Trump's fashion sense, Vogue editor Anna Wintour ignores the question and makes it all about former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Twitter: Her husband routinely attacks reporters

July 4 2019

Maggie Haberman, White House correspondent for The New York Times and a political analyst for CNN, tweets that Katharine Gorka shouldn't be named as Customs and Border Protection press secretary because her husband has criticized reporters in the past

The Daily Wire: Kyle Kashuv's Harvard Acceptance Is Rescinded. Ralph Northam Is Still Governor. The Rules Are Not Applied Equally.

July 4 2019

As a college student, Ralph Northam appeared in blackface. He apologized and remained the governor of VA. Conservative and gun rights advocate Kyle Kashuv's Harvard admission was rescinded over racially inappropriate comments he made as a 16 year old. He also apologized but was not given a second chance.

Glamour: Meet Glamour’s 2019 College Women of the Year

June 11 2019

Glamour names 10 female college students as "Glamour’s 2019 College Women of the Year." The women who discuss their political beliefs in the article clearly identify as Liberal. Not included? A single conservative perspective.

New York Post: JPMorgan Chase accused of purging accounts of conservative activists

May 25 2019

JPMorgan Chase closes several conservative customers' bank accounts. Not targeted? Liberal activists.

NPR: Knock Down The House,' Follows 4 Female Political Insurgents Headed To Congress

May 4 2019

All 4 women featured in documentary are Democrats

Splinter News: Stop Calling AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib 'Radical,' Start Calling Everyone Else Cowards

February 22 2019

Showtime series Desus and Muro features Democratic females, ignores conservatives.

Glamour: Paid Family Leave Would Change Working Women's Lives. Could a New Bill Make It Happen?

February 12 2019

Not one conservative woman in any of the stories featured at bottom of Glamour Magazine website.

Huffington Post: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Reveals Powerful Portrait Of A New Wave Of Congresswomen

February 1 2019

Huffington Post features new Democratic Congresswoman, minimizing conservatives.

InStyle: The Badass 50: Meet the Women Who Are Changing the World

January 10 2019

InStyle’s list of 50 badass women ignores conservatives.


January 2 2019

Vanity Fair features new Democratic Congresswoman, largely ignoring conservatives.

Marie Claire: “50 Influential Women on Why They’re Voting in the 2018 Midterm Elections.”

November 4 2018

Marie Claire snubs conservatives on list of influential women.

Glamour: Meet the 2018 Glamour Women of the Year

October 30 2018

No conservative women recipients of Glamour Women of the Year award.

NBC News: Model, first lady: Melania Trump conspicuously absent from magazine covers

February 20 2018

First Lady Melania Trump excluded from women's magazines.