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July 26 2001

Hooking Up, Hanging Out, and Hoping for Mr. Right

This report is based on original research conducted by the Institute for American Values' 16-member Courtship Research Team, led by Norval Glenn, professor of sociology at the University of Texas, and Elizabeth Marquardt, an affiliate scholar at the Institute. Professor Glenn also served as the project's research director. The members of the Courtship Research Team are listed in Appendix B.

This report was commissioned and funded by the Independent Women's Forum. To ensure the autonomy of the scholarly process, the Independent Women's Forum did not involve itself in researching and writing this report, and the report's findings and recommendations do not necessarily reflect the views of the Independent Women's Forum.

Table of Contents

1. Hooking Up
2. Joined at the Hip or Hanging Out, and Little In Between
3. When Courtship Disappears
4. Marriage
5. Children of Divorce: High Hopes and Few Models
6. Should 'Grown Ups' Care About the Mating of the Young?
7. Recommendations


A. Methodology
B. Courtship Research Team
C. In-depth Interview Guide
D. National Survey Questionnaire

An 18-month study of the attitudes and values of today's college women regarding sexuality, dating, courtship, and marriage -- involving in-depth interviews with a diverse group of 62 college women on 11 campuses, supplemented by 20-minute telephone interviews with a nationally representative sample of 1,000 college women -- yields the following major findings.

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