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April 22 2019

Takeaways: Medicare for All

by Hadley Heath

Medicare for All would be the simplest way to guarantee universal coverage. Unfortunately, it would also make other healthcare problems much worse. To understand why, it’s worth reviewing five important healthcare realities: 1) Health insurance does not guarantee immediate access to care from preferred providers. 2) The best healthcare systems in other Western countries do not rely on a single-payer model. 3) More than a third of Medicare beneficiaries are now covered by private- insurance plans. 4) Both current and future retirees will receive dramatically more in Medicare benefits than they will pay in Medicare taxes. 5) The entire world depends on American medical innovation — and, to a large extent, profits drive innovation. With that in mind, policymakers should reject Medicare for All and instead focus on improving access to affordable, reliable coverage while maintaining America’s innovation edge.


Takeaways: Medicare for All by

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