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August 9 2019

Sam Sorbo on why school choice is an option for every parent

featuring Beverly Hallberg

Sam Sorbo, author of They’re Your Kids, joins the “She Thinks” podcast this week to talk about school choice and her family’s experience homeschooling three children. As the majority of kids head back to school, it’s an important time to champion what we at IWF believe about school choice: educational freedom isn’t suited only for a subset of children, but for all children in all zip codes. The reality is that while 85% of parents send their children to a public school, only 1/3 would choose that option if they had the ability to go elsewhere. 
Sam Sorbo is an American actress, author, and talk radio host. She played Serena on the television series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and hosts the weekday, syndicated radio program, The Sam Sorbo Show.  She is married to actor Kevin Sorbo, and they have three children together, whom they homeschooled.

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