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Elle: Selena Gomez, Megan Rapinoe, Janelle Monae, And More Partner Up With Michelle Obama To Increase Voter Participation

November 11 2019

Michelle Obama's "When We All Vote" organization is highlighted by Elle, featuring star-studded support and assumptions that increasing votes will provide support for leftist policies.

Glamour: All the Women (and Men) n the 2020 Presidential Race--So Far

November 11 2019

Glamour provides glowing profiles of each Democratic presidential candidate.

Glamour Magazine: A Guide to All the Celebrity Endorsements for the 2020 Presidential Election

November 11 2019

Glamour publishes flattering profiles of the celebrity endorsements for Democratic presidential hopefuls.

Elle: DC's Hottest Club Is Jane Fonda's Civil Disobedience Party

November 5 2019

Jane Fonda is fawned over by Elle for her weekly climate protests which disrupt Washington D.C. streets and subsequent trips to jail as a result of her repeated civil disobedience.

Cosmopolitan: Cosmopolitan Glamorizes Democrats, Leaves GOP Out in Politics Landing Page

November 4 2019

Cosmopolitan idolizes Democratic women with a hero image on their politics landing page.

Vanity Fair: Two Days in the Life of Nancy Pelosi, Political Grandmaster

October 24 2019

Vanity Fair treats Nancy Pelosi to a flattering interview which characterizes her as a women of style, substance, and courage, placing her as the female icon standing up to the President.

Elle: Rep. Maxine Waters Deletes All Of Facebook With One Look

October 24 2019

In a continued campaign against Free Speech, Elle glorifies Maxine Waters among other Democrat representatives as standing up to and taking down Mark Zuckerberg.

NBC News: Trump's Nancy Pelosi 'meltdown' tweet was the perfect self-own. Here's why.

October 18 2019

NBC News and others praise House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for pointing her finger at President Trump but when former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer did the same thing to then President Obama five years ago, she was accused of being disrespectful and racist.

The Economist : Can fashion keep up with 21st-century trends?

July 31 2019

When asked about First Lady Melania Trump's fashion sense, Vogue editor Anna Wintour ignores the question and makes it all about former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Vogue: Madam President? Five Candidates on What It Will Take to Shatter the Most Stubborn Glass Ceiling

July 5 2019

Vogue attempts to elevate the five female Democratic candidates running for president with positive profiles and flattering photos.

The Washington Post: The first Democratic debate night transcript

July 5 2019

NBC anchor Savannah Guthrie, before asking candidate Elizabeth Warren a question, sounds like a personal campaign ad saying, "You have many plans – free college, free child care, government health care, cancelation of student debt, new taxes, new regulations, the breakup of major corporations."

Teen Vogue: Andrew Gillum Lost the 2018 Midterms, But He's Still Moving Florida Forward

April 30 2019

Teen Vogue says that Andrew Gillum stays true to his word.

Washingtonian: What It’s REALLY Like to Be a Woman in Congress

March 3 2019

Washingtonian features Democratic women in article on what it's like to be a woman in Congress.

Politico Magazine: The Most Important New Woman in Congress Is Not Who You Think

February 15 2019

Politico celebrates more Democratic females.

Refinery29: Exclusive: New Hampshire's Maggie Hassan To Chair The Women’s Senate Network

February 12 2019

The Women’s Senate Network, a Democrat-Only female Senator group, depicted by Refinery29 as representing all women

NewsBusters: We Love Them!' Barf: 'SNL' Promotes Liberal Democrat Women as Heroic Crime Fighters!

February 10 2019

SNL' Promotes Liberal Democrat Women as Heroic Crime Fighters.

The New York Times: Nancy Pelosi, Icon of Female Power, Will Reclaim Role as Speaker and Seal a Place in History

January 2 2019

The New York Times calls Nancy Pelosi the “Icon of Female Power.”

Salon: Cynthia Nixon declares herself a "democratic socialist": "Count me in”

July 11 2018

Salon touted Nixon but painted Kavanaugh in a negative light for his opposition on abortion, net neutrality, etc.